7 Tips for Travelling Safely

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Better safe than sorry. These days, that phrase could easily relate to one’s travel plans and the care that should be taken while travelling. The more precautions you take, the safer you will be. And as a result, you will enjoy your travels that much more.

The following list of essential travel safety tips will help guide you on your journeys:

Prepare in advance. Before you leave home, make sure you know the health concerns of your destination and receive all required vaccinations. Fill your medicine prescriptions and take out appropriate travel insurance, because emergencies do happen. You don’t want lost luggage to spoil your trip so carry a change of clothes in your carry-on baggage.


Make copies of your documents. Before you set forth on your travels, make electronic copies of your passport, credit cards, driving license, hotel reservations, and travel itinerary. That way you will be able to access these important documents wherever there’s an internet connection. Make sure you know who to call if anything is stolen, especially where you can call to block a stolen credit card.


Safeguard your cash. You can’t afford to let someone steal your money when you’re travelling, even if you just happened to win a large jackpot prize playing the EuroMillions lottery. Many of the major tourist sites are plagued with pickpockets so it’s best to keep your wallet in a front pocket. Make sure that your purse is held tightly and doesn’t have zippers that can be opened by strangers while you’re walking. It’s best to refrain from carrying too much cash around with you. Use debit or credit cards wherever possible.


Don’t flash your valuables. There is no need to wear expensive jewellery or accessories when you walk around, sit down for meals, or stop in at nightclubs and bars. Keep your valuables and documents stored in hotel safes.



Don’t get drunk. Partying may be an important part of your holiday but when you’re inebriated, people can take advantage of you. Needless to say, you should never leave your drinks or belongings unattended. Late at night, never walk around on your own. Prefer registered taxis and travel in pairs.


Don’t stand out as a tourist. This may be the most difficult tip to follow. People who wear unusual clothing, or who carry cameras, stand out like a sore thumb. Make efforts to blend into your surroundings. Keep your head up and walk as if you know where you’re going and you’ll appear to be a local resident, not a target for criminals.



Stay alert. Be prepared for the unexpected. Plan your routes in advance and keep a close eye on your surroundings. You may feel safer when surrounded by others but crowded places and chaotic situations also give cover to pickpockets.


If you’re a seasoned traveller, these safety measures will probably come as second nature to you. Still, you shouldn’t drop your guard or be careless on your journeys. Take extra precautions and you will stay safe when you travel!


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