7 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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Do you have a pregnant friend? If so, you’re likely looking for a unique baby shower gift. One your friend will never forget and treasure. Consider these seven memorable baby shower gifts.


Get Creative With These Baby Shower Gifts

Give your friend a memorable baby shower gift by crafting a handmade toy, gifting an interactive electric baby swing or arranging infant necessities in a unique presentation.


1. Diaper Cake

New moms can always use more diapers. Your friend likely has already chosen a brand for her baby. If not, ask about her preference. When purchasing diapers for the cake, consider getting a mix of sizes one and two, as infants quickly grow out of the newborn size. To make the cake, you’ll need 50 diapers, a cake tray, rubber bands and additional decorations like ribbons, teddy bears or flowers to spruce up your creation.

If disposable diapers aren’t what the new Mother is looking to use, you can also achieve the same using reusable diapers. If you need to find out more about these then do check out my blogs here. A mix of both can be a great way of getting started and reducing waste.


2. Hand Towel Teddy Bear

This DIY project is simple to make, inexpensive and super snuggly–the perfect shower gift. All you’ll need is a washcloth, two regular size rubber bands, two small size rubber bands, one ribbon and two googly eyes.

Start by laying your washcloth on a table and fold the left side of the cloth toward the right to find its center point. Then roll the washcloth away from you, so it looks like a rolled-up scroll. Repeat this motion with the other side of the cloth. Fold your towel inward and wrap your hand around the entire material, holding the rolls firmly in place.

To create your bear’s arms, slowly unravel the rolls and take the giant rubber bands to bunch around the cloth. At the top of the towel, use small rubber bands to determine the size of your bear’s ears. Tie a ribbon to shape the bear’s head, and glue googly eyes to its face. Voila, your homemade teddy bear is complete!


Purchase These Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re looking for a unique gift, no one else at the baby shower will have, look no further than these presents.


3. Hopscotch Milestone Swaddle Blanket

This adorable swaddle milestone blanket is a cute two-for-one present. Not only is it a unique swaddle blanket your friend won’t be able to find anywhere else. But it’s the perfect way for her to document her baby’s milestones.

First, have her place her baby on the swaddle blanket. Next, put the lavender-scented bean bag on the correct month designation. There’s even a height chart on the blanket so she can see how tall her baby is growing in each picture. Indeed this is a unique baby shower gift.


4. Milk Snob Cover

Sure, there are plenty of car seat covers on the market, but can your friend’s fitted cover also be used for shopping carts, infant swings, and high chairs? No? Didn’t think so. This beautiful soft knit cover from the Gap is also an excellent cover for nursing moms. It comes in a variety of gender-neutral colors and prints.


5. Bottle Sampler Kit

If the mama in your life is looking to bottle feed, this gift is a great option. Babies can be notoriously picky when it comes to bottles. Moms can do their research picking out the “best” bottle on the market, and their infant may simply decide they don’t like it.

To help prevent this problem, get them a Sampler Box that features five baby bottles, all BPA free and dishwasher safe. Once the baby decides on their favorite, mama can buy more bottles. The sample box features bottles from Comotomo, nanobebe, NUK, Olababy and Dr. Brown’s. 


Don’t Forget Mom With These Unique Gifts

While the baby is the obvious highlight of the shower, you can still consider getting a gift for the mama. She’s the one who’ll be doing the heavy lifting during labor and delivery. If possible, go out of your way to make her feel appreciated and pampered before the baby arrives.


6. Skims Sleep Robe

A robe will be a go-to garment for any new mom, but especially those who choose to breastfeed. Robes are easy to put on and take off, giving your baby easy access to feed. Give the mom to be in your life a super-soft lounge robe that will make her body feel great and be functional too.


7. Care for Birth Box

Any new or expecting mother is wary of labor. Take some of those fears away by purchasing a birth box care package. The box features products to help any mom, from birth recovery to breastfeeding. Rather than your friend having to scramble to pack these necessities to take to the hospital, they can simply take this kit instead.

Included in the care package, you’ll find comfy socks for labor and delivery. There are specific products to help you recover from delivery, including mesh undies, giant maxi pads, a peri wash bottle, inflatable cushion and stool softer pills. To help you transition to breastfeeding, you’ll find organic products to nourish and protect your nipples, breast pads and cooling gel pads. The entire care package comes with a guidebook to walk you through your recovery journey and how to use each product.


Try These Creative Baby Shower Gifts

You can’t go wrong with any of these unique baby shower gift ideas. Your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your present and the creativity too.

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