8 Reasons To Book An All-Inclusive Holiday

8 reasons to book an in-inclusive holiday

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Prior to becoming a parent, myself and my other half would happily book a last-minute holiday, booking all of our arrangements separately and working out where to eat and what to do once we arrived. This lead to us having a mixture of amazing holidays and also some disastrous ones… being scammed in Tunisia by our transfer company and a taxi driver will be an event that will never leave my mind. When you are young you feel as though you are invincible but when something like this happens you realise how vulnerable you are abroad and it has certainly taught me to be more cautious.

Now that we are a family of 3 with another on the way I know we would need to re-evaluate our holiday booking system if we were to go abroad next year. We have already taken Jake to Zante when he was 2 and we opted for a villa with breakfast included. This worked well except for the change in his routine and having to find somewhere to eat in the evening. Jake took a week to adapt to the later nights and the comings and goings we did from where we were staying. It hadn’t occurred to me that this would be an issue when we booked and I think that if we chose to do it all again we may have gone down a different path.

Now we are in the know we have been discussing how an all-inclusive holiday will benefit us once we become a family of 4.

Everything is booked at once

The flights, transfers, hotels and even activities can be booked at once and usually for a great price. This will save you time hunting around on the internet, visiting travel agents and comparing prices. You can feel confident that nothing will be missed and that all your needs will be met by one company.


The Choice Is Yours

All-inclusive usually conjures up images of families sat around a pool in Spain but it can now be applied to a wide variety of holidays. From beach to colder climates, city breaks and even cruises, there is something for everybody. To search for your perfect holiday click here.

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Great Deals

All-inclusive doesn’t need to mean one price across the board. You can still compare packages and find the right deal and combination of services to suit your family. With more and more families looking for the perfect holiday, the providers are in tight competition with one another to be able to provide this at the best price to you which will all work in your favour.


Organised Paperwork

I don’t know about you but as a parent, you become inundated with bits of paper coming from schools, clubs, doctors and dentists reminders and so on. I feel as though I am always battling against a pile of paperwork which is often strewn across my dining room table. The last thing I need is more. By booking a holiday separate to your transfers, activities etc you will be forever checking and double-checking what you have, what you need and what is essential to take with you. By going all-inclusive you can feel rest assured that your paperwork will come in one envelope, organised, all official and under one company making it all much simpler to refer to. 


Good Hotel Conditions

We’ve all stayed in a place that hasn’t been quite up to scratch, haven’t we? Noisy rooms, no air conditioning, dirty sheets, slamming doors… it doesn’t make for a relaxing holiday. When you get a beautiful hotel with well looked after rooms and amazing facilities you can relax and just get on with enjoying your well-deserved break. All-inclusive holidays give you the guarantee of a good hotel and if you have any issues you can speak directly to your rep in order to get this sorted. 

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Kids Clubs

Let’s face it, as the kids get older they can bore quite easily of being around Mum and Dad all day and with Jake coming up to being 4 I know he will miss the company of other children and the stimulation from pre-school whilst we are away. Kids clubs are usually always found within all-inclusive sites and it would be a facility we would definitely use. 


In-House Entertainment and Facilities

I just love evening entertainment in hotels. The balance between fun acts aimed at kids and others aimed at adults always has everybody laughing, dancing, singing and socialising. We all deserve a bit of fun!

Facilities for us adults are also important and a swimming pool– indoor and out– is a must for us because you can’t guarantee the weather even when you are abroad… believe me, I have been in Zante when it rained for a week! If the hotel also offers a spa, hairdressers and photographer I am very happy. 


It Is Safer

This is a must for me now that I have children. After our scary experience in Tunisia, I know that I would never want to be in that situation again and I certainly wouldn’t want to be with children in tow. We want to be able to enjoy a holiday abroad but protect ourselves at the same time. I need to know that I have a transfer and a legitimate one at that, waiting for me at the airport. I need to know that the food is carefully handled and well-sourced. I need to be ensured that any activities we want to take part in are safety checked and well-organised by the reps. I want a stress free holiday and one I can enjoy throughout; from the moment we board that aeroplane to the moment we leave for home.

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Do you have any advantages to add?

Do you have any tips for booking?

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