9 Simple Gardening Jobs To Do In Spring

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Spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and that chill in the air is starting to lift which can only mean one thing – it’s time to get back out into the garden! If you have neglected it a little over the Autumn and Winter months the job list may look a little daunting right now but the best place to start is with a quick tidy up in order to get everything into tip-top shape ready for your plants/seeds/plans and so on. Here are my 9 simple gardening jobs to do in the Spring…

Clear Those Leaves

Clearing leaves is a job that should ideally be carried out all the way through the winter but I think we all let things slide when the garden is cold or wet so I am sure not everybody keeps this up. The leaves left right now will most probably be wet and soggy, they will be turning your soil into a bit of a mess and will be preventing that vital sunlight from reaching your flowers and plants which can lead to damage. This can be back-breaking work and also tough on your knees so ensure that you invest in a good knee rest as well as hardy gardening gloves and don’t forget to take regular breaks. If your lawn is covered, use a rake to clear these to help your grass to recover from the winter. A good broom will be required for clearing patios, pathways, decking etc. Once you have your pile of leaves, these can be added to your compost heap or garden waste.

Dead Heading

Take some time to research which flowers and plants have had their day and need removing and then which need to just simply have their heads removed to make way for beautiful new blooms. If you really aren’t sure, just leave them alone, you’ll soon find out once the warmer weather comes along.


The main part of prepping your garden for Springtime is by clearing and tidying and, after a wet winter, those pesky weeds will be rife. Make sure you pull them out by the roots and clear any seeds away in order to prevent them from returning. If you want a quick way to clear the weeds on your pathways and paved areas, check out my natural homemade weedkiller recipe here.


Turning the soil will continue to help to remove those weeds and will allow you to thoroughly check for roots. It will also remove moss, any missed leaves, twigs, stones and will make your beds look far tidier. You can then add fresh compost to ensure that your plants will receive the vital nutrients they require for a new year.

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Spring is the season for getting those seeds started off. You can always make a start indoors or in a greenhouse for some and tend to them until they are ready for outside once the weather becomes warmer or, if you want a really simple solution, why not give a seed bomb a go? Simply throw these onto your chosen area and wait for a natural wildflower to take.

Pruning & Shaping

Get those secateurs and shears at the ready because this is the perfect time for pruning hedges and bushes, removing loose branches and getting everything back into shape.

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Sprucing Up

The winter will always leave its mark and that is usually in the form of a lovely green layer across the majority of items that are left out including the patio, paving, decking etc. The best way to tackle this is by using a pressure washer. Other areas you will probably want to spruce up will include guttering, windows, greenhouse and flower pots. A bit of warm soapy water will work wonders on it all.

A Lick of Paint

As those drier days move in you can begin to think about what may need a lick of paint or a varnish. A lot of fences can become weather damaged during the winter and will need some maintenance in the Spring which may also include replacing and fixing. This will also be the case for decking and sheds.

Planning & Planting

If you haven’t done so already, planning out how you’d like your garden to look this year can be extremely helpful. Getting a good idea of what plants thrive in the conditions your garden has, finding out which plants could take well and return year after year, designing focal points and working out exactly what you will need to invest in will all save you time and money. Once you have your plans down or just in your head, you can begin to plant up as and when it is beneficial to your chosen plants and flowers.

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With all of these simple gardening jobs completed, you will begin to see your garden coming together and then you can begin to get it ready for summer and sit back and enjoy all of your wonderful blooms.

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