A Simple Guide to Homely Vibes in the Lounge

a light airy and cosy lounge
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Out of all the different rooms in your home, the space where you should feel most content, entertained, relaxed, and generally comfortable is your living room. Your living room is such an important space, so it is important that it gives off the aesthetic that you want it to.

So, if you want to create and foster a homely vibe in your lounge area, then you should most definitely continue reading.

Focus on a Welcoming First Impression

First and foremost, for members of the household and visitors to your home, the first impression you feel and see as soon as you set foot into the home is absolutely crucial. This helps to set the tone for your lounge.

Even if your property has the smallest hallway, or indeed a vast expanse of space, there are lots of things to do that are both affordable and effective in making the area considerably more welcoming, which include:

  • Replace coat hooks with more unique and ornate styles
  • Invest in a beautiful table for the corner of the hall
  • Lay down a bright and bold carpet runner in the centre of the space
  • Hang a large and highly reflective mirror on the back wall

Open Up the Floor Space

Another excellent way of increasing how homely and family-orientated your home feels is to open up the floor space. If the layout of your ground floor allows, you might also consider making your living room and dining room into one room or installing a bi-folding door between the living room and the garden.

Creating one larger space that can still be sectioned off for cosy autumnal evenings, either with a beautiful and low-maintenance door from nowaluminium.co.uk or, indeed, sliding windows, helps to create the illusion of extra space.

Experiment with Different Scented Candles

Often put in last place when it comes to the most important of the five senses, your sense of smell is actually incredibly influential on how you feel, and so it would also be advisable to turn your attention to how the lounge smells.

Look for soy wax candles made from entirely natural materials, and if you are someone who has never experimented with candles before, then a great place to start is any candle with a high percentage of Bergamot.

Bergamot can go a long way to relax your mind and bring a sense of calm and comfort, perfect for a homely and welcoming living room.

Introduce Seasonal Displays

Whether your own personal style decisions are based on a cluttered and unstructured appearance or else a more rigid and ‘showroom’ aesthetic, either way, if you focus on lending a sense of the season to the décor, this will add an extra level of ambience and atmosphere.

For example, in the autumnal months, make a concerted effort to bring in bright and muted orange tones, earthy browns and dark greens to make for a natural and woodland feel and in the spring, stick to bright, sunshine yellows and crisp whites.

Obviously, the winter brings its own sense of welcoming feel, especially around Christmas time, making it the perfect time of year to go to town on your décor and decorations.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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