Black Box Car Insurance Explained

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When looking at vehicle insurance, there can be times when the premiums can be more expensive than we first thought. A great way of counteracting this is the use of black box car insurance.

Black box insurance is when a device is fitted to a vehicle and allows for the transmission of data back to insurers.

The data garnered will measure different metrics of driving to ascertain what insurance premiums should be paid. The information includes the time of day a vehicle is driven, the distance and the speed of the vehicle.

Essentially, the use of a black box notifies the insurance company what kind of driver you are. Insurance for young drivers without a black box is still possible, but expect to pay a substantially higher premium. Find out more about young driver car insurance without black box at

What is a Black Box?

A Black box is a device that will be fitted to the vehicle that contains several sensors. These sensors are used to generate statistics that outline instances of speeding and hard braking, as well as the routes that are taken and the time of day the vehicle is being used.

In some instance, the insurance provider may offer the same service via the use of a smartphone app but will essentially deliver the same information.

The fact that so much information is being recorded can be worrying for some, but this information can then be used to learn areas of improvement and could even help improve driving metrics by as much as 30%, which can only mean good news for those looking for cheaper car insurance premiums.

Can Car Insurance Increase as a Result of Black Box Car Insurance?

Although the use of black box car insurance can be used to lower premiums, they can also increase. Of course, following the rules of the road and being considerate of other drivers will only yield rewards, while speeding and braking suddenly on a regular basis will mean that it will be reflected in the price you pay for insurance.

Does Black Box Car Insurance Come with a Curfew?

There are many drivers that are under the impression that the use of black box car insurance means a restriction of the times of day a car can be driven. This isn’t the case, but those that do drive at night can expect to pay more for their insurance premiums.

The increase seen is very small and pales in comparison to more serious incidents, but those that drive regularly at night should be aware that this could mean a potentially higher insurance premium to pay.

Other Advantages of Black Box Car Insurance

As well as reducing insurance premiums and bettering the driving habits of road users, there are other advantages of black box car insurance.

For example, should the vehicle be involved in a serious accident, finding the vehicle will be effortless thanks to the use of telemetric technology.

The information can also be used to highlight who was responsible for the accident, which means that any legal framework that needs to be contended with is easier to navigate.

New and young drivers will find that the use of black box car insurance is a viable way of improving their driving as well as reducing the amount of vehicle insurance they will pay, but it’s also important to remember that any neglectful driving will be reflected in the insurance quotes being received.

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