Children’s Theme Tunes That You Can’t Help But Bop Along To

Children’s Theme Tunes That You Can’t Help But Bop Along To

As me and a friend sat having a hot drink yesterday whilst the kids played our conversation, as always, turned to the boys and what they are now into. Both have suddenly become more grown up and their attitudes and tastes are definitely reflecting this. We were cracking up at one another discussing what shows we now have to endure instead of the far too familiar sound of Peppa Pig and one thing we both noticed was that we had a secret love of singing and bopping about to the theme tunes of these shows they are now watching. 

I thought, do I dare share this with you guys? And then I thought why the hell not because if I’m singing these songs there is no doubt that most of you are too! So here are my top songs from kids TV that my three-year-old loves.


In 8th place:


So repetitive yet so catchy. Chugginton, chugger, chugger, chugger, chugger, chugginton…



In 7th Place

Bob The Builder

The new version isn’t great and that’s not just the song. The old song once hit the charts so I will always sing along but using the original lyrics. Why do they feel the need to change things eh?



In 6th Place

The Twirlywoos

It’s not much of a song but I just can’t help always singing Great Big Hoo, Tood-a-loo, Chickety and Chick… and Peekaboo! 


child watching dinotrucks


In 5th place


If you haven’t seen this it’s on Netflix and is every boy’s dream- trucks that are dinosaurs. There is something about this tune that just has me up wanting to create my own actions! It could seriously be used in an aerobics class! No, I have no video evidence of my amazing choreography I’m afraid. 



In 4th Place

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

1,2,3,4 come on Andy’s dinosaur adventures, come join the crew! It just makes me get up and dance and yes, we do this together around the living room like 2 crazy loons.


Andy's Dinosaur Adventures


In 3rd Place

Power Rangers

Jake has just discovered Power Rangers this week and I have been made to watch these back to back… yes they are worse than the original! The song is just as bloody catchy though and gets stuck in your head. 



In 2nd Place

Topsy and Tim

I will burst into song every single time I hear this tune and have been known to sing it throughout the day! It is just so catchy. It also makes me smile… Ahhhhhh.



And In 1st Place

Go Jetters

Is it just me or could this win the next Eurovision for us? Go, go, go, go, Go Jetters…go, go, go, go all around the wo-o-r-r-ld! (bet you just sang that!)


Have I missed any gems? What shows do your family love?


Em xx

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