Contemporary Living Room Furniture: Style Tips & Tricks

contemporary living room furniture
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Modern living room designs nowadays work well for a variety of personalities. You may discover a contemporary method to arrange your living space to please all of your unique tastes, whether you’re driven to minimalist design or go all-out with maximalism. There is always a way to upgrade your area to a contemporary design, whether you’re seeking completely new living room ideas or a few quick tweaks.

In this article, we’ll go over the best tips, tricks, and ideas on how to choose contemporary living room furniture so you can get the style and make a comfortable area you’ll enjoy.

Getting started

Because contemporary interiors are elegant and modern you should emphasize the colors, space, and shape of the furniture. If you want your house to look modern, it’s critical to adhere to a few basic rules:

  • Use of Colors;
  • Line and Space;
  • Flooring;
  • Lighting Considerations;
  • Art Decor.

Favor calm colors

Contrary to popular belief, white isn’t the only color used in contemporary design. Many modern color schemes emphasize earthy, neutral hues like white, grey, black, cream, taupe, and brown, accentuated with bright hues to create the visual temperature and mood of the room.

Contemporary-Style Furniture

Furniture items should be plain, uncomplicated, and devoid of curves or ornamentation while yet making a striking statement. The forms must be straight, smooth, and geometric. The natural fibers found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute are frequently used to provide tactile appeal to upholstered furniture, which frequently sports black, white, or other neutral tones. Clean, geometrically shaped pillows give a splash of color and texture.

Use a plain background and make a statement with your favorite color on a standout piece of furniture. Less is more! Legs on couches, chairs, and ottomans are frequently visible. Typically, skirts, trimmings, fringes, and tassels are absent from beds and chairs. Avoid using flowery designs, fringe, excessive carving, or ruffles. Substitute simple, naked, bold, and substantial for charming and little.


A contemporary-style home should have smooth, bare floors made of wood, tile, or vinyl. Choose commercial grades if you must use the carpet for warmth or sound absorption. Area rugs with solid colors or geometric patterns may add color and texture.

Look for eye-catching lighting

In modern settings, lighting is frequently included as the focal point of the design. Lamps for the floor and tables are essential in the living area. They frequently have angular shapes and sleek metallic finishes, and sometimes a statement shade that brings in vibrant hues. Recessed spotlights are frequently utilized to draw attention to decorative items like paintings.

Use natural textiles

Natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, and silk are prevalent in modern interiors. These fabrics are liked for their neutral colors and textures. Throw cushions, a rug, or a blanket are good ways to add vibrant colors or eye-catching patterns to the living space.

Since they confound the plain space that is essential to a contemporary-style house, colorful, fussy designs should be avoided. Prints with two tones look good. Consider adding a giant leopard-print pillow to a simple floor, a zebra-print pillow to a black leather chair, or a striking, richly textured striped rug to ground elegant, solid-colored furniture.

Top 10 ideas to inspire your decor 

  1. Choose a broken-plan layout
fireplace in a living room

This is essentially a meeting place between the recent rise in open-plan architecture and conventional closed-off chambers. Small partitions, screens, and slide doors can be used to divide the rooms. The concept is to combine the greatest aspects of both worlds. If a larger space is required, you may either open up the two or shut them to create a more intimate setting. With the latter, you still have some degree of access to other areas, so you maintain the impression of openness and light.

  1. Display your collection
comfy cream sofa

You have the chance to create a beautiful focal point for your contemporary living room ideas by decorating the wall behind the sofa. Stand-alone or built-in bookshelves are the ideal structure for curating a lovely collection of artworks and antiques. This will give your lounge a real homely vibe.

Note: Don’t over-clutter this area!

  1. Rethink traditional furniture
a yellow chair

One thing that a lounge must have is some sort of living room furniture. When designing your lounge, looking at a bean bag lounger can offer a versatile and modern seating option. By utilizing this as a chance to introduce unusual forms into the area, you can keep things leaning toward modern living room ideas. Perhaps look into a classy recliner like those in this European Leather Gallery Stressless Selection.

  1. Add a sleek picture shelf
shelving unit

Adding picture ledges and shelving to a sitting area can instantly modernize it. Additionally, since they require fewer screws than a gallery wall, they are ideal for renters.

  1. Get creative with paint effects
dark blue contemporary living area

Making the door a part of the paint effect makes the wall appear more continuous. Creating a sense of space in a room is a terrific interior design technique.

  1. Be expressive with colors
yellow, blue and pink living room

Make a statement about your unique style by giving the maximalist trend a contemporary living room ideas twist by using bold accents of the newest in-demand paint colors or living room wallpaper ideas.

  1. Paint every surface in one color
dark blue living room

Darker colors contrast so sharply with lighter colors on traditional woodwork that they are especially effective for this technique. Make sure you choose the appropriate sort of paint for each surface, such as the appropriate wood paint for skirting boards and emulsion for walls.

  1. Streamline for a minimalist approach
a bright and airy living room

The only color in this contemporary Scandi living room is white, with hints of wood to give an accent tone without using actual color.

  1. Keep everything elevated
contemporary living room furniture

The scene is made to look like an art gallery with the use of floating shelves along one wall that holds curios and exhibit items.

  1. Venture to the dark side
contemporary living room

Dark, brooding hues have been increasingly trendy in recent years in interior design. To make a modern living room feel completely immersive, it’s a terrific idea to completely cover the space with color.


If you’re prepared to put your living room design ideas into action, utilize this guide to exercise your interior design skills and choose a few gorgeous pieces of modern furniture. The only thing limiting you is your creativity. Modern living rooms may range from discreet to vibrant and daring. Check out our contemporary living room furniture for additional decorating ideas.

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