Could Landlords Be A More Compassionate Landlord?

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People in positions of power have to be compassionate. If they can inform their actions with empathy and feeling, the world will always be a better place.

Landlords sometimes enter murky territory here. After all, there have been those counted among them who’ve been described as ‘heartless’ by their tenants. Public opinion of landlords is souring somewhat, too, especially due to the rent increases that are now commonplace across the UK.

Despite all the turmoil, landlords need to lead with compassion in their hearts. So, what can they do to promote a sense of goodwill with their tenants? Let’s discuss!

Look to Legislation

Let’s say a tenant is having a tough month financially and can’t pay their rent on time. Instead of getting the hump, landlords should consider working out a temporary payment plan. A little flexibility on their end can go a long way in fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Itchy fingers may hover over the ‘ evict ‘ button when the rent money doesn’t come through as hoped. The temptation is understandable to a degree – times are tough, and often landlords just need the extra monthly £500-£600 to top up a modest pension. They’re not always millionaires.

Still, that’s no longer considered a reasonable immediate response, and with good reason; making somebody homeless on short notice is never the answer. Landlords that can’t arrive at that understanding on their own should look to the newest legislative developments, which now seem to be protecting tenant rights and giving them more assurances. Once landlords understand how the rulebook is being rewritten and why, being more compassionate should be easier – after all, it’s the only feasible route to go down now.

The Gift of Feeling Safe: EICR Checks

Alright, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. One of the most important landlord responsibilities is ensuring their property is safe for their tenants.

Let’s use the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) as an example, and more specifically, the EICR certificate in London that sets the high standards. In layman’s terms, it’s a check to make sure all the electrics in the property are up to scratch. It’s a legal requirement in the UK, and quite rightly so! Only dedicated experts can perfect this process, so ensure you’re working with qualified, thorough specialists like those at Hexo.

Arranging a full domestic eicr inspection isn’t just about ticking a box. It shows tenants that their safety is the landlord’s priority, and that’s one surefire way to demonstrate compassion. EICR in London is no joke – the people overseeing these lawful requirements take compliance very seriously, and by working with them, landlords can prove they’re of a similar mind and value system.

Building a Human Connection

It’s all too easy for some landlords to forget that their tenants are people, packed with hopes, dreams, problems and daily life struggles. And let’s be real; we’re all looking for that sense of belonging, warmth, and understanding, aren’t we?

Some might think that, as a landlord, their role is purely transactional. They should think again. Being more understanding can make landlords stand out from the crowd and establish a more genuine relationship with their tenants.

Answering texts and emails promptly is a big leap in the right direction. Being open to feedback is also important, as is being quick with maintenance and repairs. Consistent courtesy goes a long way here, and considering so many landlords fail at it, the ones that succeed will have a hugely positive impact on their tenants.

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