Creating A Privacy Garden With An Eco-Friendly Twist

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Homeowners who want to have more privacy in their homes, should not look to batten down the hatches and draw the curtains. Instead, you should look outside, to your garden. It’s the best place to stop any prying eyes from even noticing your home. An eco-friendly opportunity awaits, as you can have all the private space you want, and not make the neighbourhood ugly. You don’t need to have large metal gates or tall fences. All you need is a little knowledge and love of getting your hands dirty. Here’s how to create a privacy garden…

Companion plants

Many plants have the capability of growing tall and wide. The issue is, insects, birds, and even pets get at them and kind of cut them down to size before they’ve had a chance to spread their wings. That’s why companion planting is so highly recommended for those who want larger plants in their garden. Planting a black bamboo giant palm tree, along with garlic, will allow the former to grow as tall as 8 feet. This is because the birds and insects that love to eat these plants while they’re still young, will be repelled by the odour of the garlic. The acidity of the garlic will prevent insects from biting at the roots of hanging leaves. You can also plant things like rufa, which has bushy leaves, along with red chilli. This bite of the chilli hanging in the air will prevent birds from using the plant as a nest site.

Better than a fence

Many eco-friendly homeowners don’t like the thought of using wood for anything. Chopping down trees for their fence is the last thing on their minds. But that’s why you have gorgeous tall plants like the Portuguese Laurel. This plant is a natural hedge, which will grow as tall as 15-20 feet tall. However, you can regularly trim it to 7-8 feet and it can be kept this size all throughout the year. Some tall plants that may seem like a good idea for a hedge, don’t like being trimmed as they don’t heal and repair as quickly. In other words, they will shrink away and possibly die. With a laurel, they don’t mind a little trim every now and then. Just remember to water more regularly so they grow dense as well as tall.

Vines and privacy

Vines have always been used for privacy because they naturally mould around a surface area and can survive under the harshest conditions. But first, you need a few trellises. These are wooden screens that are designed for vines to grab a hold of as a platform to grow taller. They are very lightweight, can be moved anywhere in the garden, or fixed to your wall. The vines will grab hold of your trellis, and slowly weave their way up and out in safe directions. You don’t want vines to enter into your wall, so a trellis will help you avoid damage.

Finding a Local Gardener

Nature can also be a great way to relax and relieve stress. And if your garden is looking sparse or you just don’t have the time to tend to it, you don’t have to worry. There are plenty of local gardeners who would be more than happy to help. By hiring a gardener, you’ll get the benefits of an eco garden and nature while also freeing up some time for yourself.

Hiring a gardener will also make you enjoy going outside in the spring and summer months to see how your garden is doing. A professional gardener can help you with everything from planting to weeding to watering. They can also offer advice on what plants will work well in your climate and garden layout. You could also look at garden furniture and accessories to make the most of your garden.

Eco-friendly gardens are on the rise because they’re easy to maintain yet they are also practical. Moreover, they’re great for privacy-lovers!

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