Digital Marketing Mums on Finding a Balance Between Family and Business

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How many times have you been described as a “budding businesswoman and loving mother?” I can venture a guess – never. When it comes to juggling a family and career, one of the toughest things to find is balance. Whether it’s struggling to cope with career confidence following maternity leave or having to leave behind your baby *sobs*, I want to support you.

That’s why I reached out to some of the most inspiring working mothers to give you their tips on juggling work and family. These ladies work at the same SEO London agency, Bigfoot Digital, known for its strong female leaders. We asked them the following questions to explain how they cope with managing a career in marketing and having a young family, with great success:


Please explain your daily routine?

Jodie: Every day is different. Typically, it starts at around 6am with my son running full force into my bedroom and jumping on the bed. How children have that much energy first thing in the morning, I’ll never know. I’ll get them ready for school, bundle them out of the door and do the nursery run.

I work part-time and have flexible working hours. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. It allows me to enjoy my time at work without having to worry about sorting out last minute childcare.

Steph: I’m one of those mums with strict house rules. Every day is planned to perfection the night before. My one-year-old goes to nursery through the week and my daughter recently started big school (as she likes to call it). This was really emotional for me. I’d come into work upset about leaving her and not focused on my work. Speaking with my boss, I found a balance that worked so I can support my child and still enjoy work.

Our advice: Flexible working is important. Speak to your boss early on and be honest with your available hours.


How does your job differ from your career aspirations as a child?  

Jodie/Steph: We’ve both had a very similar career path. We never had specific career aspirations. Our favourite subject was Geography, so we went on to study this at University. Following graduation, however, we both secured jobs in the sales industry. We now work as Account Managers at Bigfoot Digital, which is so different, but we love it. Our children are the best of friends, as are we.

Photo credit: Bigfoot Digital

Our advice: Don’t give up on a marketing career just because you don’t have the experience.


What is the hardest decision you’ve had to make in your journey to success?

Steph: The best and equally most difficult decision was going back to work after having my second child, knowing this would involve more travel and time away from my children. I agonised over the decision to move on because I had a great career and was respected as a top performer. I’m so glad I made the decision to leave as now I have a great work/life balance. A company that supports me and allows me to achieve everything without having to compromise.

Our advice: Put your family first, but don’t give up on your dreams.


What advice would you give someone starting their career in your business/industry?

Jodie: Work hard, don’t give up and do your research. Digital marketing changes all the time and you need to be on the ball. Read our SEO blog for the latest digital marketing news.

Steph: Strive for a career that complements your principles and what you are looking to achieve in life. Don’t give up, you’re doing great.




This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

Featured image credit: Bigfoot Digital

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