Furry Festivities: Gift Inspiration for Celebrating Pet Parenthood

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What do you get for the dog lover who already has everything? Well, dog-themed gifts, of course! These are a few of the most unique and thoughtful gifts to give to a pet parent to celebrate the special bond they share with their best friend. These ideas are great for birthdays, “gotcha” days and holidays, but every day is a great opportunity to celebrate our best friends and the many ways they make our lives better.

Clothes adorned with their dog’s face: Nothing says true love like a sweatshirt with dog face. Choose a favorite photo and have the dog’s face embroidered on items like a sweatshirt, t-shirt, loungewear set or hat. Go the extra mile by having a custom bandana or shirt made for the pup with their human’s face on it. This is guaranteed to get a lot of smiles while out on walks.

Customized pet portrait: True dog lovers never get sick of looking at their sweet dogs’ faces. A customized pet portrait, personalized to the pup’s unique personality, is sure to bring surprise and delight to the gift recipient. This can celebrate a new four-legged family member or memorialize a life well-lived. It will be a masterpiece that will bring joy for years to come.

Temporary tattoos: If someone is not quite ready to commit to a lifetime of ink, a temporary tattoo is a fun alternative and a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Order customized temporary tattoos with a photo of the person you’re celebrating and their dog, for the whole party to enjoy. These can be found on sites like Etsy or Amazon. 

Replica stuffed animals: While we can’t clone dogs, we can have a lookalike made of them. Many talented creators make impressive versions of people’s pets to snuggle with. This can be great for kids who may not be able to sleep with their pup, a comforting item to take while traveling or just a fun novelty to keep around the home.

Activities to be enjoyed together: If your gift recipient doesn’t have a yard, pre-paying for a SniffSpot for them can be a thoughtful and affordable way to give them the gift of quality time spent together. Or, if they have a younger pup, paying for a “ just for fun” training class like agility or herding can be a great way for them to bond together all while learning a new skill.

Day at the “spaw”: While frequent grooming is a necessity, upgrading to a doggy “spaw” day can be the ultimate relaxation and indulgence for a dog who works hard to protect its family and deserves pampering. Many grooming businesses offer luxurious add-on amenities like conditioners, dog-safe nail painting, essential oils and massages.

Gift card for a dog hotel: Traveling when you must leave your pup behind can be extra stressful, but knowing they are in great hands can make trips even more enjoyable. Research local dog hotels, including amenities offered and reviews, and purchase an overnight stay to make the next getaway extra special knowing their pup is enjoying their own vacation.

Gadgets for grooming: What better to show love to a friend or loved one than helping keep their house clean? Products like undercoat removers, furniture fur rakes, self-contained paw cleaners, dog hair brush/vacuum combos, detachable pet bath shower heads and other innovative gadgets make the messy side of pet parenting a lot smoother.

Subscription boxes: Subscription boxes are a fun way to spoil pups and humans alike. From toys suited to dogs’ play styles to boxes specific to dog moms or dads to treat subscription boxes based on food preferences, there are endless ways to show love when they are delivered each month. Plus, it is fun to open and discover new pet parent products together.

Safety accessories: Keeping pets safe is one of the most important responsibilities of any pet parent and one of the best ways we can show them love. Seat belts, car hammock dividers and safety collars are just a couple of ways to keep dogs safe while still enjoying the freedom of great adventures together. Car safety ramps or stairs for beds are a great gift for aging dogs who want to keep enjoying life with their family but need a little extra help.

Paw print kits: You can never go wrong with handmade gifts from the heart, and preserving a pet’s paw print with ink or in plaster is a keepsake gift that will be treasured for years to come. Plaster ornament kits or paw print ink pads to make wall hangings are an inexpensive but very thoughtful way to celebrate a best friend who will leave their paw print on your heart forever.

While there are endless ways to show love to the pet parents in your life by celebrating their bond with their dog, these are just a few to make life even more enjoyable for all. Tuck these in your back pocket for upcoming celebrations to celebrate the special love with our best friends all year long.

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