GP Misdiagnosis and How Compensation is Calculated

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When we go to our healthcare professional, whether you are pregnant or not, and you are suffering from a health condition that’s not very obvious, the responsibility of the healthcare professional or GP should be to do all the necessary checks to rule out what it’s not, and find out what exactly it is.

These experts help us to understand our bodies better and find ways to treat many types of issues. If they do not know then they should refer you to someone who does. While this is the case with the majority of patients and GPs, sometimes mistakes will happen to lead to a misdiagnosis, which, if not careful can lead to dire life-changing consequences.

The best way forward when this does happen is to make a complaint with the right authorities, such as medical negligence solicitors. How to make a complaint following GP negligence is something only these professionals know how to do. They can help take you through the stringent processes once all the background information has been gathered.

Making a Complaint following a GPs Negligence

All doctors and medical professionals know how complicated the human body can be. It is not uncommon to sometimes get a diagnosis wrong; however, for any expert in the field, this should be the last resort. If in the unfortunate case that you have been misdiagnosed, there are a few things you can do including claiming from specific solicitors.

Securing compensation may be the best way forward, to help you with medical bills and personal expenses following a wrong diagnosis which may leave you at the mercy of others.

How Compensation Works

When calculating compensation, the professionals would consider the situation the claimant is in now as opposed to where they were before, had they gotten the proper treatment. Because the patient would have already had the health condition or issue when they went to see their GP, indicates that they would have had the symptoms at the time of the checkup. Failure to initiate proper treatment at an early stage can lead to worsening of the problem.

The medical negligence solicitors will examine the evidence brought forward in your claim as well as seek advice from medical experts to gain a strong idea of the difference between where you are now, and where you should have been if your healthcare professional had acted ‘reasonably’. Much like an insurance claim, a formal request is accepted and then the work begins.

In most cases, it may not be possible to know exactly what has happened with 100% conviction, but the details will give them a better idea of general damages caused and the majority of the well-established solicitors, go by a “no-win, no fee” protocol. Hence, damage compensation will be calculated based on all the facts and figures, including prognosis, and any future losses and expenses that the claimant will have to incur.

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