Helping Your Child Become More Independent

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If you were to ask a group of parents what they would like their children to achieve in life, the common answer given would be success. Success leads to a happier and more comfortable individual which is what every parent dreams for their child. One key ingredient to making all this possible is independence. This leads to children learning and developing an array of skills that will make reaching the top of the ladder that much easier. From academic success in schools to graduating from the best universities, independence is key in all of it. As parents, it is important to help your child become more independent from a young age for them to develop the best skills. Read on to find out more.

Let them make mistakes. Independence is a learning curve so don’t expect perfection from the get-go. When they make mistakes, they will understand that it is a normal part of life and can use them to improve on future situations. This simple shift in mindset can guide your child to not leave revision to the last minute or sleep earlier to have a productive day. It’s difficult to see your child fail which is why many parents resort to completing tasks for them. However, failure is the best way to develop a growth mindset which can only lead to success.

Give them tasks to complete in the house. No one is exempt from doing their part in the house to keep things running smoothly, not even children. Giving your child age-appropriate tasks to complete such as putting their toys away after playing and putting their shoes away neatly in their designated place, will make them feel as though they are contributing to the household. This will lead to them willingly completing chores and tasks which cannot be avoided. 

Give your child the space to make choices. Keeping them to a limit, it is important to let them know that their needs and preferences are respected. This can be done simply by asking your child if they’d like to eat pasta or noodles for dinner. 

Finally, try your hardest not to overcorrect. The goal is to teach them to become independent and responsible, not perfect. If tasks are not met entirely to your standards, it’s okay! If they are continuously corrected, they will stop trying.

The bottom line is, that independence is taught and roots in what is taught at home. Do you want your child to stop being messy and take care of their belongings? Teach them. It all starts with you. 

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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