Here Are 8 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on a Holiday Weekend

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Are you having a brood of bored kids on a holiday weekend? Worry not. You can do many things to keep them busy and entertained while you have fun in the process. All you need to do is find something they will like; if they don’t, don’t force them. You can try many more things to ensure your kids have the best holiday weekend. The following are the top 8 things you should add to your bucket list to ensure you and your kids have the best holiday weekend. 

Build a Pool in the Backyard

Building a pool in the backyard is one fantastic way of ensuring your kids have the best weekend. You can go for a stock tank or hire an inflatable pool for the weekend. The pool is the best thing you need on a summer weekend. 

Try Biking Riding

Take the bikes around the neighborhood or to the trails and enjoy the ride. If you don’t own some, you can go for rentals. Rentals are an excellent way of having fun, without the bulk of having to carry your own bikes around. For those who may not own their own bikes, taking a rental would be a huge save, and will allow you to enjoy the fun without stressing about buying a new bike.  Furthermore, it is affordable and a great way of spending your weekend. 

Go for Whale Watching 

If you have never tried whale watching, this is the best time to do it. The kids will love going out in the water on a good day for Long Beach whale watching to watch the animals and the largest mammals. Watching animals in water allows kids to appreciate the diversity of life and how to take care of the animal’s habitat. Furthermore, going on a boat ride is an exciting and incredible experience as you see the animals moving in the water; there is always a wonderful feeling just seeing how the animals live in water. Just ensure you are prepared and book your tickets in advance, so you don’t disappoint the kids.

Make Some Popsicles 

Popsicles are the best yummies during summer. It is like baking biscuits and cookies during winter and enjoying them with hot milk or tea. So, try making popsicles with the kids and go for the freshest fruits in the season. 

Go for a Hike

Another great way to spend the weekend with kids is hiking. It does not have to be something complicated. A simple walk on the trail where it is less crowded will do. Just ensure you are not doing it on a hot afternoon when the sun is too hot for the kids. 

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Wash the Car

Skip taking your car to the car wash and do it with the kids over the weekend. Get the hose, buckets, soap, and towels, and get to work. Ensure your kids clean the less delicate parts, so they don’t ruin the paint. You can reward them for their excellent work by taking them for some ice cream or a short ride. 

Consider Camping

Camping can also be a great way of enjoying the weekend. Set up some tents in the backyard or somewhere else safe. Bring camping chairs, recipes, and a stove to make meals. It is also a good idea to bring some of their friends along.

Go to the Park 

If there is an amusement not too far from where you live, why not visit it during the weekend? Many parks feature a range of playground equipment perfect for young adventurers, ensuring there’s more to enjoy beyond just rides. There are many things the kids can enjoy, from a ride on the Ferris wheel to roller coasters, competitions, and winning prizes. 


There are many ways to spend a memorable and fun weekend with your kids. Choose something they will like, prepare well, and make the most out of it. 

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