How does your Garden grow? Gardening tips for a lush, outdoor space


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Maintaining a garden can be as easy, or as complicated as you choose to make it. Selecting the sort of flowers you want blooming in your garden, and the type of space you want to create right at the beginning of your gardening journey can determine how much time and effort you will commit to keeping your garden in tip-top condition. Whether you have a small garden, a yard, or an expanse of space, these gardening tips will certainly help.


Even if you have a paved yard, you can enjoy an abundance of flowers and plants to run your yard into a beautiful little garden area. Yardening is the term given to those that maintain their yard space and is ever more popular as people purchase smaller properties without an abundance of garden. Herbs are fantastic for yards as many are easily grown in large pots and the fragrant plants make everything smell amazing. If your yard doesn’t get much sunlight, then you need to assess which plants will be best for this. For a yard that only gets sun in the morning, hydrangeas are perfect and add a colourful burst to a concrete palette. Lady ferns provide the greenery you require and need little or no sunlight to thrive.

Keeping it green

A scorched lawn is the stuff of nightmares and when the summer sun does its worst, you need to be prepared. One hassle-free way to keep your lawn watered is to invest in a sprinkler system as you needn’t even be present when it works its magic. The pinnacle of technology used to be the sprinkler with a timer, but technology has moved on since then, and now it’s all about the Wifi Sprinkler Controller. A great sprinkler controller will give your device live feeds of weather and forecasts so that when you are away you can decide if the lawn needs extra moisture or the controller will actually make the decision and skip watering sessions when rain is predicted.

sprinkler system is one of the best gardening tips we can give

Don’t diss the dandelions

Weeds are the scourge of many a keen gardener, but some weeds are destroyed or removed when they are in fact very useful. Dandelions can be used to make coffee, soups, salads, jams, honey and wine and if you have a pet rabbit, they will love you forever if you feed them these yellow-headed plants. To discover more about the wonder of dandelions, head over to Yardening with Mother Nature.

Interact with other gardeners

Beginners and experts can all do with keeping up with the current trends and technologies when it comes to gardening, which is why online forums and articles can prove essential and full of gardening tips for all levels. Getting advice from other gardeners can mean finding out about products that will make gardening easier or plant varieties that you may never have considered before. You can also get gardening tips on local forums about deals on garden accessories, garden looks, plants, manure and more. Newby gardeners may even learn of gardening classes in the area or discover that there are people willing to come and help you begin your gardening adventure.

Gardening is an excellent way to exercise, relax, and fill your larder, so get out there and discover a whole new hobby.

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