How to Introduce Pattern and Colour into Your Wardrobe

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As adults, it can sometimes feel like our clothes are meant to be boring. Go into any supermarket or children’s clothes shop and there are rows of colourful outfits screaming out with bright motifs and patterns. Clothes for children are fun because children are fun – playful, noisy, and carefree. As an adult it can be easy to be lured into thinking clothes should be practical – neutral colours that go with anything, slimming blacks, or khaki greens to hide a multitude of stains. This needn’t be the case, so if you’ve recently opened your wardrobe and been shocked to find it’s become devoid of colour, fear not! Here are some tips for how to introduce pattern and colour into your wardrobe.

Ease Your Way In

If you’ve been wearing plain colours for a while, especially darks or neutrals, it can feel like a big leap to suddenly start wearing colour or pattern. Start small with a classic boat-necked striped top for a chic French look or choose a brightly coloured accessory to bring a pop of colour to any outfit. Inspired by the new Barbie film coming out next year, hot pink is the colour of the moment.

Subtle Pattern

You don’t have to go for all-over pattern if that scares you. Look for clothes with one central motif instead. Luella sell their signature star jumper in a range of colours and this versatile piece looks great with jeans, denim skirts or lounge pants. Sometimes less is more!

Get Your Colours Done

Colour analysis (more commonly referred to as ‘getting your colours done’) is a fantastic way to find the tones that best suit your colouring. Wearing clothes in colours that complement your skin tone and hair and eye colour will make you feel more confident. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing your favourite colour, this isn’t necessarily going to be the colour that looks best on you, which is where colour analysis comes in. Named after the seasons, the four palettes contain distinct colours and tones. A consultant will be able to tell you which season best suits your colouring. Getting your colours done can revitalise your wardrobe and give you a much-needed boost!

Try New Things

It’s easy to gravitate to the familiar when buying clothes, but if you’re serious about bringing a fresh new look to your wardrobe you will need to try something new. Be brave when clothes shopping and try patterns and colours which take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes an outfit that looks busy and garish on the rack takes on a whole new guise once being worn. Not every item you try will work, but that’s okay – this is an exercise in trial and error.

Most importantly, remember that clothes are only one part of your style and identity. If you are ready for a change, there are other ways you can go about it. Opt for a makeover at a make-up counter or discuss new hairstyles or colours with your hairdresser. Mix it up – why should kids have all the fun!

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