How to Maintain the Right Climate In Your Greenhouse All Year Round

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If you love growing your own fruit and vegetables, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining the right temperature for all your plants. You might need to protect the new shoots in the winter, while in the summer it can get too hot for some of the plants. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to manage the climate and temperature in your greenhouse all year round.


In the winter, you have to make sure that all the plants are protected from the frost. You might need to put on a blanket as well, to make sure that your plants are not freezing in the winter. There are some fruit and vegetable that are sensitive to cold weather, and you will need to wrap them up, even in the greenhouse. Avocados, orange trees, and tomato plants will freeze easily, especially if they are young.



If you only have single pane glass on your greenhouse, you might want to get secondary glazing installed during the winter months. For maximum heat resistance, you should check out Eden Greenhouses and choose the size and design you are going to be comfortable with. It is also important to insulate the greenhouse from the floor and fill the gaps between the panes and the concrete blocks.


If your plants don’t like direct sunlight, you might decide to place your greenhouse in a shaded area, or partly shaded spot. However, this is not always possible. Instead, you could get a shade for the roof of the greenhouse that will let some of the sunshine through but protect your plants from burning out when the sun is high up in the sky and hot. Temperatures in a sunny greenhouse can reach above 90 Fahrenheit, which is not healthy for most plants.

Opening Roof

To keep the air circulating and let the insects pollinate your fruit and vegetables you will have to keep the roof and the door open a bit from time to time. You will, however, need to be careful, as there might be some pests entering, taking the opportunity to ruin your crop. Be sure to invest in natural pest control products, such as boric acid and bicarbonate soda to keep insects off your leaves and plants.

Plant Positioning

If you are just starting to grow plants in your greenhouse, it is important that you find the right position for each plant in every season. If you have a growing shelf for seedlings, as soon as they have a few leaves, move them in a shaded area, or they might burn out or dry out too fast. Avoid watering plants when they are exposed to direct sunlight, or the roots will simply die of the heat.


If you would like to make sure that you are able to grow fruit and vegetables in your greenhouse all year round, you will need to take care of the temperature inside. You can use added insulation, heaters, and open the door and window, and choose the position of each plant according to their preferred climate.

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