How to Stay Safe on Vacation

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Traveling to new, busy destinations could pose a risk to your health and safety. For instance, you could sustain an unfortunate injury, experience a medical issue, or fall victim to a crime during a getaway.

To protect your health and well-being, you must be as sensible as possible during a fun-filled break alone or with your family or friends. Keep reading for advice on how to stay safe on vacation.

Don’t Wear Expensive Jewelry

As much as you might love a designer watch or diamond bracelet, you must avoid wearing expensive jewelry on vacation. If you wear luxurious accessories, you might become a clear target for robbery. Even if a destination has a low crime rating, it is smart to leave expensive jewelry at home to keep yourself and the item safe.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol on a Boat

Alcohol and boating aren’t a good combination, especially if you are serving as captain of the ship for the day. Also, you must never step aboard a boat when the captain has been drinking, as it will increase your risk of a boating accident on the water.

Keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible by hiring a qualified captain to direct the boat and ensure they don’t consume alcohol. Bear in mind that passengers and crew are entitled to damages for boat accidents, especially if caused by alcohol, speeding, or poor safety precautions.

Lock Money and Valuables in a Hotel Safe

Never carry a substantial amount of cash on vacation. Instead, store money and other valuables in a safe inside your accommodation, and only carry the cash you will need for the day ahead. Also, it might be helpful to open an account with an international credit card company or bank to use a local ATM with ease, reducing the need to carry a considerable sum. However, only use ATMs attached to a bank to minimize the risk of scammer tampering.

Know How to Contact Emergency Services

Before visiting a new country, you must make a note of its emergency services contact numbers, such as the police or ambulance service. Also, jot down the phone number for your country’s nearest embassy should you need it. It will provide peace of mind that you can quickly call the appropriate emergency services following an accident, crime, or traveling issue.

Always Wear a Cross-Body Bag

The bag you carry can determine your safety during a sun-kissed vacation or a city break. Wear a cross-body bag to prevent a thief from grabbing your bag as they run or drive past you, as they are often much safer than handbags and shoulder bags. Also, you could buy a stylish cross-body bag specifically designed for travelers, as they can include locking zippers or slash-proof straps, to name a few features.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid all risks during travel, but following the above advice could decrease the likelihood of an accident, theft, or serious health issue on vacation.

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