Important Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

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Sometimes we have the desire to travel and see the world differently. Besides the expected planes and cars, taking a motorbike road trip can prove to be an enlightening and exciting experience for you, especially if you have never done it before. Being alone with your thoughts on a long trip and the escapism that accompanies that can also be beneficial for your mental health. Because this is your first motorbike road trip, it is important to be adequately prepared. Here are some important things to keep in mind as you prepare for and go on this road trip.

Choose a Comfortable Motorbike

The motorbike you ride to work every day might not be the most comfortable one for a road trip. If it is not, the two options you have are renting a motorbike and modifying the one you have. Personalizing your dirt bike could include changing the seat, the handlebar, adding eye catching artwork/stickers and adjusting the height to make sure it rides well for the many kilometres you will cover.

Pack Carefully

Packing light is always preferred when going on a road trip. However, you must also remember to pack smart. This means carrying the essentials you will need on the trip and opting for disposable items. These will make your load lighter as you cover the trip, which makes things a lot easier when you are tired and about to complete the trip.

Saddlebags are a great packing option because you can fix them to the side of the bike and forget about them until you need them. They also sit low on either side of the bike which can help with balance by lowering the centre of gravity.

Get the Right Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents, theft and damage can occur during your road trips, and you want to be prepared for these eventualities. Besides being a legal requirement, motorbike insurance will protect you from liability and financial ruin should something unexpected happen during your trip.

The types of insurance you get will depend on several factors including the type of rider you are, your history and the type of motorbike you ride. Because of this, the cost of motorbike insurance also varies. You can reduce this cost by shopping around for insurance and getting quotes from different providers. Online comparison platforms like Quotezone make it easy to find online quotes from reputable motorbike insurance companies across the UK.

Hydrate Frequently

Hydration is crucial, especially if you will be travelling through hot regions. Carry enough water and have a hydration system available so you can drink without stopping.

Plan for Breaks

Most people want to keep riding so they can go as far as possible, but this is not always the best strategy. Because of the vibrations of the motorbike, you should plan for breaks and you might have to take more breaks than you would if you were travelling by car.

To ensure your first motorbike road trip is successful, plan accordingly and ensure your bike has been checked by a mechanic beforehand and consider getting a diagnostics scanner. Take the essentials, including water, and remember to take breaks to give your body and bike a rest.

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