John O’Groats To Cape Town: Travelling Down The Map

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When it comes to long-distance travelling, a lot of people have some big ideas about the places they’d like to see. Over the years, through seeing other people’s images, along with television appearances, it’s easy to build up a list of the places you need to see. Of course, choosing locations is one thing; planning a route is another. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a trip like no other, travelling from John O’Groats, the Northernmost town in the UK, to Cape Town, one of South Africa’s furthest South cities, to give you an idea of how to can embark on your own adventure.

Lake and karge building at John O Groats


Starting at John O’Groats, you can expect to find quaint tea rooms, historical landmarks, and ports which are as old as the records themselves. Moving down through the UK gives you a lot of options. Dotted around, you’ll find loads of points of interest, and loads of them will be on your way. At this stage of the journey, you have loads of freedom and can spend as much time at each site as you like. Before too long, though, you’ll probably want to start heading further South.

Eiffel tower


France is the typical entry point for someone visiting mainland Europe from England. Using Ferry, the Eurostar, or flying, this journey can be done very quickly and will put you in a great city to start your international journey; Paris. From large monuments to ancient galleries and museums, this place is packed with things to lay your eyes upon. Of course, though, France isn’t your only stop. From here, most people will either go Southeast, to Italy, or Southwest, to Spain. Either way, you will have loads to see and can choose based on your own interests.



If you decided to travel through Spain, Morocco would give you easy access to the Continent of Africa. For those going through Italy, though, you might have to hop on another plane or boat to get yourself there. Once you get to Africa, the fun can really start, and you have almost complete freedom on your trip. Moving down South, you could stop off in Mali, Ghana, Niger, Tanzania, Botswana, or any of the other countries which catch your eye, giving you loads of scope for excitement and adventure.

mountains and clouds


Finally, as you reach the Southernmost part of Africa, you’ll find yourself welcomed by your final country; South Africa. Most people will start their visit to this country in its capital city, Johannesburg. Filled with rich culture, history, and modern violence, this place isn’t for the faint-hearted, but still gives you a great insight into the country as a whole. Finding things to do in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is just a matter of doing some research. Like any country on the rise, this place has loads to offer.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on your own journey across the Globe. Not a lot of people embark on a trip like this in their life, and this is a shame, as it doesn’t have to be a pain to get started. Loads of people share their travelling plans over the internet so, if you need some more help, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a couple more examples to get you started.

Where are you choosing to travel to this year?

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