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Hello and thank you for clicking over from Instagram, here you will find relevant links (anything highlighted in green is a link) to my latest blog posts, to companies I work with, to important petitions and pledges as well as to products or articles I love.

My New Project!

I’ve been working away quite quietly in the background on something completely new for you all and I am really excited to be able to tell you that it is now live to purchase on Etsy! This 36 page pack is ideal for anybody who has just begun to look at how they can make changes to become more eco-friendly. Written by myself this pack includes tips, articles, cleaning recipes and audit checklists to help you to make small sustainable steps in a manageable way.

You can buy it here for £6 on Etsy.

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Beeutiful Skincare – a local business to me (Fleet, Hampshire) providing eco-friendly, cruelty-free and luxurious skincare that really works! You can get 10% off any order with my code Emma10. You can visit her shop here.

You can read my reviews here

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Stop Cambo

Energy company Siccar Point and oil giant Shell have plans to open a huge new oil field in the Cambo Field, West of Shetland.

This clearly contradicts the International Energy Agency’s advice that there should be no new fossil fuel development if we’re to avoid a catastrophic 1.5°C rise in global temperature.

The planned development will totally ruin the UK’s chances of meeting its climate targets. There’s already enough oil and gas in existing sites to cause the UK to exceed its share of emissions under the Paris Agreement goals. 

What’s more, this new site could be active until 2050 – the UK government’s target date for net zero emissions. It’s clear our planet can’t afford any more fossil fuel extraction.

To help to stop this Sign the petition here

Big Bag Ban

First up, you may have seen my post on social supporting Planet Patrol’s Pledge to get the Government to ban the sale of plastic bags? In summary:

“Back in 2015, the plastic bag charge was enforced in England in the hope that we would all turn to reusable bags and reduce our plastic waste. Yes, sales of these bags have fallen by 95% BUT sales of Bags For Life – which can contain more than three times as much plastic as the single-use version – have rocketed and they continue to increase each year. In 2019 alone, supermarkets gave out 1.58 billion bags for life and it is estimated that the average UK family buys 57 each year! They are only called bags for life because the supermarkets will replace them, they do not last a lifetime and they are still plastic waste. Insights in litter from the Planet Patrol crowdsourcing app show that plastic bags were amongst the top ten most commonly littered items in 2019 and 2020 and this litter goes on to cause harm to wildlife, damage to our environment and also our waterways.”So, if you have a moment, could you head over to Planet Patrol’s website and sign their pledge?

The link is:

AND if you want to show your support, please do post a photo of you using your reusable bags and tag @onplanetpatrol on Insta. You can also use their gifs in your Instastories if you search planet patrol. #BigBagBan

Period Pants Tax

Next up is the petition to axe the tax on period pants. WUKA tried to make this happen not so long ago but the Government didn’t recognise pants as being period products but as clothing and so kept the tax. Ella Daish would love for you to sign the petition and to hold up a cardboard sign on social media in May to show your support for ditching this tax. #AxeThePeriodPantsTax

The petition link is:

axe the period pants tax written on a cardboard box with 2 period pants next to it

Sky Litter

We all know that littering on the ground is an offence and that fines can be incurred if you are caught doing so. We so often talk about the damage it can cause, how plastic enters our rivers and oceans and how wildlife can be injured or killed by litter. But what about sky litter? Balloon releases and lanterns are still permitted to happen in some areas of the UK but what goes up must come down, so why do we still allow this? The RSPCA has a great template on their website which you can send to your local Councillor to ask them to ban sky litter in your county. #EndSkyLitter

There are more details on their website here:

Fireworks Restrictions

For around 6 years now I have been a supporter of the Firework Abatement Group on Facebook. For our area, fireworks are let off on average once a day from around 15th October until early January and this included Christmas Day (I’m not exaggerating, I kept a diary one year and recorded every bang). The noise became too much for our child who would be constantly woken and our elderly dog, Molly, who had to be sedated using a prescription from the vet to get her through the worst periods. She had never been scared of fireworks previously but old age plus the fact that she had to deal with them every night took their toll and one night we really thought we were going to lose her. During the winter months, we were living on edge and what once was a joy (I have always loved bonfire night) had become a nightmare. I saw the petitions online and found the group that was asking for restrictions to be put into place on the sale and use of private displays (not public ones). They want the days to be limited to those we all celebrate such as November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali. They want the decibels reduced, for displays to be licensed and for packaging to clearly state noise levels. This will not only protect animals and wildlife but also those who struggle with loud noises such as those suffering from PTSD, the elderly, babies, people with autism and so on. Fireworks affect a wide range of us across the country each and every year, we need to have a change.

You can sign the petition here:

Ban Products For Sale In The UK That Aren’t Cruelty Free

Show your support for the care of animals by signing the petition to ban the sales of products that are still testing on animals within the UK. Far too many companies are STILL allowed to get away with this cruel act and far too many animals are suffering at our hands for the sake of our makeup or cleaning products. Join Budget Eco Mama from Instagram and sign her petition today:

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