Matching Fragrances to Your Unique Style

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Many women love to spray themselves with perfume before they go to work or before they go for a night out.

However, have you heard of the trend that is coming back of matching your perfume to your style? This idea is an interesting one and plays on the olfactory part of a person’s experience to link yourself to a set of fragrances.

So, depending on your clothing style, which kind of perfume scent may suit you? Read on to find out.

Classic or Elegant

Do you have a wardrobe full of vintage clothing? Or do you always make sure that when you leave the house, you look like you are going to a night out? Do you mainly wear dresses and heels? If so, you may fall into the classic or elegant style.

This type of clothing is matched with delicate, floral and feminine scents. Try to use perfumes that are high in jasmine, lilac, bluebell and lily of the valley. For the best range of scents in this group, head to direct fragrances online wholesalers. The best part is that when you go out in the evening dressed in this style, those scents will likely last long after you’ve left the workplace.

Bohemian or Free Spirit

Does your fashion sense involve loose-fitting clothing? Do you have a lot of floral prints mixed with some wooden jewelry and sandals, even in winter? If the answer is yes, you will likely be perfectly suited to wearing aromas that have hints of woody aromas, flowers and other natural elements. So, aim to purchase perfumes that have undertones of cedarwood pine, as well as some stronger scented flowers like blossoms to accentuate the carefree and natural vibe you are going for. You could even opt for perfumes that have sea salt and black pepper undertones, which can add an interesting scent to your daily wardrobe.

Rock Chic

Do you have a bit of a goth edge? Are most of your clothes black, deep red or purple? Do you love leather jackets and ripped jeans? If that all sounds familiar, you may be best suited for the unironically darker perfumes, which tend to be bolder or more daring.

What do these perfumes smell like? Well, they are a combination of fragrances like coffee and white flowers like orchids and patchouli. All of these are deliberately noticeable and seductive, meaning they will leave an impression wherever you go.


The preppy fashion style is characterised by classical clothing, which usually includes polo shirts, blazers and pastels. So, think of what Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wear on an average day!

For ladies, it is much the same look, with smart clothing and heels, creating a professional and effortless look. To match this, choose a perfume that has a fresh, light and clean scent to complement the fashion choices. These will usually be a combination of scents made up of floral aromas like daisies, roses and hyacinths mixed with the light, woody fragrance of sandalwood. Fresh, noticeable and very stylish!

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