Pet Cats Need Their Inner Hunter Massaged

cat on it's back

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For many people, they are either one of two things, dog lovers or cat lovers. Sometimes you get both but for the most part, your character and personality will determine the kind of pet you get. Those that love cats love how nimble they are, small and furry they are and don’t take up a lot of room. Dogs can seem a little frightening to some people especially since many medium-sized dogs are still over 100 lbs and this makes them unsuitable for some. Cats, on the other hand, are small and they are easy-going. Dogs prefer to be more active and get walking or running every single day at least twice. While cats are laid back and they prefer to do their prowling at night and solo. That’s something that cat owners will pick up on, their cat is still prowling despite being domesticated. You can’t stop their inner hunter from coming out. So could you possibly strengthen your bond with your pet cat if you encouraged that side of their personality?

It starts off early

When they’re young, cats are already showing their owners signs that they like to play in a certain way. Kittens will even widen their eyes, perk up their whiskers and watch a moving object as if their life depends on it. You can try it now if you have a kitten. Hold out one finger and wave it slowly side to side over their heads. The kitten will turn from a cute cuddly thing, into a predator. Watching your finger, their whiskers will widen and begin to spread out. They are now getting ready for any attack. They will jump up and grab your finger with their paws stretching out their nails and play-bite you. Even a simple piece of string being waved around can help young cats to sharpen their predator instincts. It also helps their cognitive skills as cats need to keep their skills up just like humans. Some cats will jump and miss their attack or lose their footing and not jump correctly. Help your cat by buying objects that are soft and able to be moved around with ease such as a ball of wool on a piece of string.

So many things

For cats, sensory overload is not entirely uncommon. Catnip is, of course, the most easily recognizable substance that makes them go wild. However, without using any kind of chemical or substance, is there a way you can help them to sharpen their hunter skills and remain calm in their focus mode? Interactive cat toys are some of the best solutions as they are quite affordable but they help your cat in so many ways. Try out the interactive velvet balls that can be used in lots of different ways. They can be thrown up in the air and your cat can learn how to catch them. This motion or practice is for their hunter side with regards to catching birds. They can also be used to set a line down so the cat can go to one place to the next. It’s kind of like an obstacle course which the cat instinctively knows how to follow or to recognize. Since the balls are plentiful, soft and inexpensive, the cat can chew on them or bite them like they would their prey and not harm them.

Nipping at your heels

Ever noticed that your cat like to nip at your heels? They are doing what their bigger cats do in the wild out in Africa. Cheetahs, lion and leopards all do the same thing when they are trying to take down their prey in the midst of a chase. Don’t stop them from doing this too much. Many cat owners will correct their cat from doing this because, well, it’s annoying. However the cat isn’t doing it to annoy you, the hunter instinct in their mind is just surfacing. Just try to keep them away from children when they are doing this as it can cause small children to trip over. But if it’s just you, allow your cat to nip at your heels as you walk away. They will also play bite too to mimic catching and dispatching a prey.

Don’t stop your cat’s hunter instincts when they rear their head. It’s natural and loving to accept that your cat does have a predator’s mindset. Help them in keeping their skills sharp by giving them interactive toys. The more you show that you are accepting of their annoying habits with regards to this, the more your bond will strengthen.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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