Planning A Traditional White Wedding: A Beginner’s Guide

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Wedding planning is a complicated, lengthy and expensive process. It is also very easy to get lost in everything that needs to be done before you say: “I do.” We understand that all the information available can be overwhelming, so we put together a short guide to get you started on planning your traditional white wedding.

Plan Out Your Budget

Weddings are not a cheap affair. That is why it is essential to allocate a budget and stick to it throughout the planning. The best way to start is to map out all the expenses and determine what everything costs. When you have all the quotes, compare which options are the best for you. However, remember that you do not have to sacrifice quality over a good deal. Try to ask your friends or family members about their wedding experiences or if they know anyone in the industry, and you might be surprised by the results.

Find Your Perfect Dress

Every bride wants to be a star of her own wedding. However, it is also vital that you feel comfortable. Picking the right wedding dress for you might influence how you enjoy the whole day. Make sure that you do not judge the dress only by its appearance. You need to be able to move around in the dress, sit comfortably and possibly dance unless you have a different dress for the wedding reception. It is also important that the fabric does not scratch or make your skin feel itchy.

Book A Venue And Date

Picking the right wedding venue is probably the most important and expensive decision you will make regarding your wedding. Keep in mind that wedding venues are often booked out in advance for more than a year. Make sure that you pick wisely, but at the same time, you cannot afford to waste much time as the available dates disappear fast. Ensure that the venue fits with the theme you wish to have for your wedding. Also, look if your venue provider offers other services such as catering or wedding planning. Businesses such as Heritage Venues allow you to rent stunning wedding venues in Berkshire and are able to lift some weight off your shoulders by helping with the organisation.

Pick The Right Flowers

Flowers are another significant part of the wedding day. When meeting with the florist, arrange a bouquet that goes well with your colour scheme. However, you also need to make sure that you or your guests are not allergic to any of the flowers. This way, you will ensure that no accident will ruin your day.

Make The Cake A Star Of The Wedding Reception

While all the catering is important during the wedding reception, it is true that everyone is looking forward to seeing the cake. But do not let the expectations get to you, and as it should be with every aspect of your wedding, make a choice that will make you happy. If it is not what you wish, your wedding cake does not have to be grand and complicated. In fact, if you have any talented bakers in your family or circle of friends, do not hesitate to ask them for help.

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