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It’s come to that time in our lives where we need to start thinking about the possibility of childcare for William. He is almost 2 now and come next year we will be looking into pre-schools but just recently I have been wondering if he needs a nursery setting sooner? He is a very active little boy and with my workload increasing, I am constantly trying to juggle a lot and seem to be working every evening now due to my days being filled with activities with him. Finding childcare seems like a sensible option but I wasn’t too sure where to start… But then got in touch to tell me about their website.

What Do Offer? is one of the leading online childcare websites. With over 2 million users, it can provide you with a wide selection of childcare options in your area or nearby; from nannies to childminders, nurseries and pre-schools, Au Pairs, tutors and maternity nurses.

finding childcare on website

How To Look

The website is so easy to use and navigate around. Firstly, there are options to select in the menu bar which will take you to the type of childcare you are looking for. With clear descriptions of what each section offers, a list of available or featured people who offer childcare as well as helpful links to most popular searches, this is good way to begin to work out which service you would prefer.

If you already have a good idea of what childcare you want, you can go ahead and do your search using the easy to use drop down buttons.

using the menu on the childcare website

As you can see here I started by searching for a nursery in Basingstoke. It automatically gave me results within a 5 mile radius but this is too far for me so I altered it:

changing the search box to less miles

I then had the option to filter this down even further to what I’d want from a childcare setting, for example, nurseries who provide free childcare from 2 years old.

filter drop down menu on the website

By refining your search terms you will end up with a concise list of what is available in your area. If these don’t suit you can go back and alter your filters to search for more options.

What The Search Brings Up

The search will provide you with a list of childcare settings and within these, you will be provided with their details, their availability, prices, some link up their Ofsted reports and reviews from previous or current users.

list of what the nursery offers

availability box

Finding Childcare

After typing in my location and choosing a 1 mile radius I quickly found 54 nurseries within my area. I could then check their review ratings, read what they could offer William, see if they had availability that would be flexible enough for us and read the Ofsted reports of those who have uploaded them– an important part for me and it would be nice to see this as being compulsory for all childcare settings who want to feature on this website.

I also loved the fact that I could sit and compare prices. I also took a look at babysitters and nannies just to weigh up my options and to keep in mind in case we need one for the future.

looking for babysitters on

It makes choosing and finding childcare so simple. You save so much time because every detail you need to start with is right there with a click of a button and you aren’t wasting time doing a Google search or phoning around.

Once you find a few places that interest you, you can then do further research and contact them to look around or to ask more questions.

Overall Thoughts

Finding childcare in my area was so quick and simple, I would highly recommend this website to anybody who is looking. I feel confident that when the time comes I will be able to find reliable childcare when we need it for William.

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*This post is written in collaboration with As it is a review it is all based on my own thoughts and as always it is completely honest. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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