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OLC clothing bamboo socks with one pair on my feet and the others laying around them

Shopping more sustainably has been something that I have been actively trying to do for the last couple of years. I have found that secondhand shopping works really well for us as a family but there are times when you really do need to buy new (I, like many, will only buy new underwear and socks). In this case, I try my best to check out a company’s sustainability aims, their ethics and the materials their clothes are made from, however, I have found that it can be very tricky to tick every box, and it can be quite confusing when their statements aren’t as clear cut as you, the consumer requires. This is precisely why when a company like OLC Clothing, who are clearly passionate about what they do get into contact, I get really excited because it means that a change is happening and if it is a positive one for our planet then I am more than happy to support them.

About OLC Clothing

OLC Clothing stands for Our Last Chance Clothing and it is a new company founded by Chris and Dom who share the same passions for creating well-made clothing which is not only more sustainable but that also gives back. For every sale of their bamboo socks, OLC promise to donate 20% of the profit to charity…

Giving Back

There are currently 4 designs available in their bamboo socks range: Ocean, Polar Bears, Whales and Elephants and so, each design will have a donation towards a charity for that animal/cause.

Ocean – When you purchase these socks, £2 will go towards the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) whose dedicated team of scientists, campaigners, volunteers, advocates, data experts, fundraisers, divers and researchers are doing all they can in order to create a sustainable future for our seas.

Polar Bears – As we are all sadly aware, Polar Bears are beginning to take on all the full effects of climate change. With their landscape dwindling more and more each year, their struggle to find food and to protect their young, Polar Bears are in desperate need of our help. WWF are the chosen charity you will be supporting when you purchase this design.

Whales – The Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a charity dedicated to helping both of these marine mammals. Your £2 will go towards further protection of these beautiful creatures.

Elephants – As one of Africa’s oldest wildlife charities and a leading conservation organisation, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) embraces all measures that complement the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife and this is why OLC have chosen this charity to help with every sale of their Elephant sock design.

the OLC socks in their packaging laid out on a white background

OLC Bamboo Socks

So, let’s talk about their socks. As I said, they are available in 4 bright, fun designs, they come in 2 adult sizes (4-7 and 8-12) and they are priced at £11.99 a pair.

a photo of 4 photos in a collage me wearing each of the sock designs

What makes these socks better for the environment is the fact that they are ethically made and the materials used consist of 80% bamboo (the rest is 15% polyamide and 5% elastane). Bamboo is one of the most sustainable products at our disposal. Not only can it make a wide variety of products (you may already own a bamboo toothbrush?) but it also grows very fast which allows us to replenish it more easily than other natural resources such as cotton or wood. By using bamboo in clothing items, we are taking positive steps towards achieving sustainability and also reducing the use of microfibres.

Bamboo is also extremely hardwearing but soft to the touch and has antifungal properties making it the perfect choice for something like socks. Another bonus of the OLC clothing bamboo socks is the fact that they have a seamless toe closure and are also reinforced here as well as on the heels for durability purposes.

Wear Test

As soon as I put the socks on I could feel the benefits from them using bamboo. They were soft and comfortable and gripped to my feet well. Over the course of the day I had no wrinkling, they didn’t fall down and there wasn’t any movement around the toes. The socks are quite long and when pulled up, they come partway up my calf muscle. I played around with wearing them pulled up or pushed down and I found I liked wearing them both ways.

I think the most striking feature of the socks has to be the designs. They are bright and fun and certainly caught the attention of people when I flashed a little sock under my jeans at the school gate!

my feet in shoes showing the pink elephant socks with my puppy in the background

After a full day of wear I can report that my feet were dry (bamboo is more absorbent than cotton so will wick moisture away from your skin. Hence why it is also used in reusable nappies), comfortable, I had no irritations and because the socks are breathable, my feet stayed at a more regulated temperature than I’ve experienced before with ones made purely from synthetic materials.

In terms of care, the socks can be washed with your usual load on a 30/40° and then air dried.

Overall Thoughts

I love the ethos of this company, the sustainability steps, the giving back and the fact that each design gives back to a different charity. I am sure there are some of you who are thinking that the price is a little steep and I did too when I first saw the website but when you break down the fact that straight from that sale £2 goes to a good cause, that these socks are ethically made as well as the fact that you are getting a sock with 80% of the material being sustainable I think the costs really balance out. As bamboo is also hardwearing, these socks will last longer than say your highstreet basic which means you will be saving money in the long run and they are far better for overall foot health which is most definitely a big positive.

The designs are so unique and funky which is a big draw for me plus having that comfort after a long day is a massive bonus so I would highly recommend the OLC bamboo socks if you are looking to tick all of these boxes. To find out more about OLC Clothing you can visit their website here or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

To be in with a chance of winning your own set, head over to my Instagram page here. The competition will run from 15/03/21-22/03/21 8pm.

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*This is a paid collaboration with OLC but as always, all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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  1. The colours are so bright, I love that and I love the designs as well! At first, I did think the price was a little steep, but then the fact that some it goes to charity, and that these socks will last basically a long time actually makes them really worth it – thank you for sharing x

  2. These look so cute! I love them. We always tend to stick to black socks here just because we work so much, but who says you can’t have a little fun with your work uniform? (No one does!)

  3. This is a fabulous post! I love how thick and warm the socks look. I’m frequently banging on about getting value for money and the premium quality of items and these look top-notch.

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