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Trying to live more sustainably may seem tricky when you first try to embrace it but with more and more amazing products, companies and services now available, it can actually be far easier than you may have originally thought. Socks in a Box is one such company on a mission to make a difference, a positive one for both our feet and for the planet. Made from bamboo, these socks are far better for foot health and as bamboo is a sustainable material, you can feel happy that you are doing your small bit. I’ve been trying out their subscription and some of the fantastic range on offer, here is my honest review of Socks in a Box.


Socks in a Box is a UK based company providing a variety of fun sock designs for both men and women as a one-off purchase or on a rolling subscription. The idea is to marry up 2 solutions to issues we see today – fast fashion (and all that goes with it, for instance, plastic-based materials) and busy lives. By providing a service that can benefit both you and the planet, it is a step in the right direction.

“Designed in the UK, our socks for both men and women are striking without being gaudy. We take care to ensure that a different design is delivered each time with our monthly sock subscriptions, while our sock gift boxes are full of colourful socks that complement each other perfectly”

Socks in a Box

Socks in a Box Subscription

Socks In A Box offer two types of subscription – a gift sock subscription which is a present for somebody else (with a personalisation option) or a rolling sock subscription which is an easy way to buy quality socks for yourself. Subscriptions can be made monthly or for 3, 6 or 12 months with either one or two pairs of socks sent each month. Plus they offer couples’ gift subscriptions with one pair each in any combination of men’s socks and women’s socks. 3 month subscriptions start at just £22.50, a monthly subscription for yourself starts at £7 and gift box prices start from £15.

socks in a box in their box

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is the most sustainable choice when making yarn for use in socks. Not only is Bamboo sustainable due to how easy it is to grow and how fast it grows, but it also needs very little water and no pesticides. In terms of foot health, bamboo fibres actually wick moisture away from your skin which allows your body to better regulate its temperature, makes the socks antibacterial and of course, far more comfortable than wearing all man-made fibres.

“At Socks In A Box we work with our suppliers to ensure we are all doing what we can to produce an ethically sourced product”

the sustainability info in the leaflet that comes in the socks in a box

Giving Back

For every order that Socks in a Box receive, they donate one pair to a chosen homeless charity. Socks in a Box aim to help as many charities as possible with their #SocksForGood scheme and you can see a full list of which ones they have previously partnered with and are partnered with now on their website here.

Socks in a Box Review

First Impressions

If you know me and my reviews, you’ll know that I love a product that has good packaging… and by good, I mean attractive but also eco-friendly. It is important to me that a company that has sustainability at its heart, considers every aspect of their line and Socks in a Box did not disappoint. Their cardboard boxes are cute, practical and either reusable or recyclable which made me very happy. I also love the fact that the boxes were designed to fit the right amount of socks inside so that no space was wasted or had to be padded out with extra packaging.

socks in a box. The two boxes I received for review

Being a suitable size also means that the socks can easily be delivered through your letterbox which means you don’t need to be in to sign for them and they aren’t racking up extra carbon emissions by being delivered on a large van (they come via your normal postal service).

socks in a box

On opening the boxes (I have received 3 overall) I have loved seeing the bright and funky designs that Socks in a Box provide. Boring black socks have had their day, I love having a splash of colour added to my outfit for the day. It’s nice to look down and see happy feet!

Wear Test

I must admit, I do already own bamboo socks and am a convert so I was confident these would be just as good as what I have previously bought. I was wrong… They were better!! Now, I don’t know about you but I have had some fab bamboo socks and some very disappointing ones (for my son) so I have been left a bit worried that perhaps bamboo doesn’t have the staying power? But I guess it’s like with all clothing items, some are made to a higher quality than others and quite clearly what I bought for my child were not designed to last. My Socks in a Box socks on the other hand have been great. They have washed well, kept their shape, the material hasn’t fluffed up or frayed and they have remained super soft.

What I personally really love about bamboo socks is the feeling against your skin. We spend so much of our time on our feet, it is so important that we look after them and that we feel comfortable. Bamboo is so silky soft, you just don’t sweat in them, you don’t feel them bunching up plus they have a flat seam so there are no annoying pressure points when you are wearing shoes.

Overall Thoughts

Socks in a Box gets a big thumbs up from me for design, comfort, durability and eco-credentials. Please do check them out if you are wanting to make a small sustainable (foot) step! To help you on your way I can offer you 10% off your first order with my code ENJOYEMMA10 that can be entered at the checkout on their website.

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*I was sent the Socks in a Box in exchange for the review. As always all opinions are honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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