Should You Go to College? 3 Things to Consider

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Going to college is a big commitment because it requires a lot of time, money, and energy. Many people don’t have a strong passion for a specific field of study to feel comfortable spending thousands of dollars and several years of their lives to get a degree. Moreover, there are dozens of lucrative careers that don’t require a degree. We’ve reached a point when even the most academically inclined people have doubts about going to college due to the rising tuition costs and the rising cost of living.  

            Should you go to college? Here are three things to consider.

1.     Not All Diplomas Are Equal

The best way to approach college is to see it as an investment in your future. Will you get a good return on your investment? The answer depends on the degree and the academic institution you choose. A diploma from a prestigious university can open many doors for you and get you closer to many accomplished and inspired individuals, whether colleagues or faculty.

If you want to go to college, it’s best to aim high. Evaluate your academic and extracurricular achievements and explore your options. Are you Ivy League material? How to get into Ivy League schools if you don’t know what these institutions require? Look for an admissions consultant and discuss your academic and professional goals. You may not even realize how many life-changing opportunities are within your reach.

2.     College Provides Networking Opportunities

Studying has never been as easy as today. The average person can access dozens of learning materials and resources on the internet and in public libraries. If you love to study and have specific interests, you can learn a lot on your own without having to pay thousands of dollars to attend college. Many people pursue knowledge individually while also working on their careers. Why should you go to college if you can learn anything from the internet? The answer is simple: the college experience is about more than just acquiring information. It’s also about networking and building both hard and soft skills.

The college environment is built to help students develop beneficial relationships, find mentors and advisors, and establish a foundation for their professional life. Not going to college may rob you of valuable networking opportunities.

3.     A Degree Can Significantly Increase Your Earnings

Starting a business or getting a trade job are great ways to make good money without going to college. However, for the average employee, a degree comes with a significant boost in earning potential. Numerous statistics have shown over the years that people with graduate degrees earn more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates.

Although college can be expensive, graduates can expect to earn back what they’ve paid for their studies in the long run. Money spent on education is thus never wasted.

Final Words

            Deciding whether to go to college is not easy because there are many personal, professional, and financial implications to consider. Take your time to analyze all your options before taking the plunge.  

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