Stasher Bag Review

stasher bag review

As a family, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our kitchen waste and one of the biggest areas is to eliminate all single-use food coverings and storage. We already use beeswax wraps which have been a great step towards banishing the clingfilm but sometimes you really need a sealed option that won’t let the air in and even though we try out best to reuse freezer bags, they still wear over time and need replacing. We needed a reusable and long-term solution. Stasher Bags provide that and I was sent a selection in this month’s SaveMoneyCutCarbon box to review.

What is a Stasher Bag?

The Stasher Bag is a silicone-based, self-sealing food storage bag that can be used in the freezer, fridge, microwave, oven, in a pot of boiling water up to 200 degrees Celsius (400F) and is safe to use in the dishwasher making it the ultimate kitchen swap. Made entirely from Platinum silicone, which is also known as medical-grade silicone, they are food-safe, non-toxic and will not degrade over time.

Stasher bags are a complete solution for plastic food storage bags – so far they’ve helped prevent 1 billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills!

Stasher Website

The Stasher Bags from SaveMoneyCutCarbon are available in a range of sizes and colours which allows you to find the perfect food storage for your needs – or even for travel, reusable baby wipes, picnic snacks, for first aid supplies, honestly, the list is endless.

The Stasher Bag Review

We were sent 4 bags: snack size (£9.60), sandwich size (£12), stand-up size (£17.40) and half-gallon size (£17.40) which allowed us to test the Stasher Bags from SaveMoneyCutCarbon in a variety of ways.

stasher bags

In The Fridge

The first way I knew the Stasher Bag would come in handy would be to keep the cheese fresh. Our favourite cheese used to have a plastic seal on the top but in a bid to reduce their plastic packaging, they recently removed this. This is a great move on the plastic front but not great for the food waste side of things because air and cheese do not mix (there’s always something to think of, isn’t there?) I had been using a freezer bag because I refuse to go back to using clingfilm and beeswax wraps just don’t cut it on produce like this. But the freezer bag was starting to look a little worse for wear and I could tell that it was going to be heading for the bin soon. Thankfully, the standup-sized Stasher Bag from SaveMoneyCutCarbon was the perfect fit for this job.

the cheese inside the stasher bag

The sandwich sized bag was ideal for popping some left over rice inside. It was mess-free, it kept it fresh for longer and prevented it from going to waste.

stasher bags inside the fridge

I did the same with the half-gallon bag for our leftover vegetable lasagne. Having the Stasher Bags meant that I could transfer the food over to these and not have to reach for the foil which we do still use but try to reuse when we do.


The vegetable lasagne gave me the perfect excuse to try the bag out in the microwave and this turned out to be really simple. All you need to ensure you do is open the top and then you can get on and reheat your food as normal.

the stasher bag in the microwave

The bonus of this is that you don’t get any mess, you don’t need to use another plate or dish and you can leave the food inside to cool (do be careful as mine had quite a bit of steam coming from it so do sit it to one side before attempting to get your food out).

the stasher bag just out of the microwave


I used this same bag in the dishwasher. I placed it on the bottom, facing downwards over the prongs to keep the bag open. It came out lovely and clean this way but I do have to mention that the bag did stain from the lasagne. Staining isn’t a hygiene issue and it won’t change how effective the Stasher Bag is but as I wanted to put it through its paces I decided to see if I could do anything about this. I washed it up by hand straight after just to see if I could remove more but it didn’t budge. However, after leaving out next to the window, the sunlight helped to lighten this staining. This is only an aesthetic problem and really isn’t anything to worry about.

the stasher bag in the dishwasher


Freezing food is one of the best ways of preventing food waste. It is a simple way of extending the best before date and saving your food for future use. Again, in the past, we have used freezer bags for this but they don’t always last long as plastic weakens with use. The Stasher Bag from SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a great alternative and it also helps to keep the freezer organised as you can clearly see what you have. If you wanted to be even more organised you could even write the date and what food it is on the Stasher Bag with a dry wipe pen.


Just like with the microwave, the Stasher Bag can be used in the oven to reheat food. Again, just ensure that you open the top. We had some leftover stew which worked so well in the bag as it can stand upright and prevent any mess going onto the baking tray.

Out and About

The snack size Stasher Bag is very small but it turned out to be exactly the right size for my Quorn sausage roll when we went out for the day and took a picnic. I loved the fact that it prevented my food from being squashed in the bag, that it kept it fresh and I could just bring the bag home to be washed and reused.

stasher bag with a sausage roll inside of it when out on a picnic

Overall Thoughts

The Stasher Bag from SaveMoneyCutCarbon is handy, reliable, easy to use and a fantastic alternative to single-use items. It is an investment product but as with all reusables, you soon see the benefits of this. The bags should last you for years to come and once they have expired you can send them back to Stasher to be recycled via Terracycle. These bags will help to both reduce food waste and to also help you to eliminate clingfilm which is incredibly harmful to the environment.

I also really love the ethos of Stasher as they really do care about making a difference:

Stasher is a member of 1% For the Planet, so a portion of every Stasher Bag sold goes straight to high-impact non-profits like Surfrider and 5 Gyers, that are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our oceans

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Website

If you’d like to save more money on Stasher Bags or other eco swaps that will reduce your carbon footprint and household waste, why not sign up to the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Members Club where you will receive exclusive special offers, products and bundles, you can earn Planet club points, unbeatable prices, exclusive guides and so much more.

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