Sustainability Focusses In September

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September is a pretty big month in terms of sustainability which makes it a great time to discuss important topics, to share our best ideas and to raise further awareness. Here is a quick rundown of sustainability focusses that you can look forward to this coming September…


Sustainable September

Sustainable September is a time where leaders, business owners, scientists, teachers and so on come together across the globe to discuss thoughts, findings, research and plans for a more sustainable future. This year, all forums are being held online but perhaps this will be the most poignant one after the results of the worldwide lockdown? This is the 8th forum of its kind with the key focusses being on health and medicine, food security and agriculture and mobility and transport.

Of course, for us normal people, a lot of this may well go over our heads but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in your own ways. Each year September is used as a huge focus on sustainability and there are many ways in which you can do your bit too by:

  • Sharing your sustainability wins on social media
  • Writing blogs or articles on the topic
  • Making a simple sustainable swap (reusable water bottles, cloth nappies, reusable wipes, making your own cleaners)
  • Talking to others about swaps they can make
  • Supporting sustainable companies
  • Buying ethically (and shouting loud about it)
  • Working on your garden to attract more wildlife, bugs and insects
  • Using your car less
  • Reducing your plastic waste further
  • Setting new goals for the coming months

Whatever you choose to do, this is the time to show it off online and don’t forget to use the tag #SustainableSeptember


Secondhand September

Secondhand September is an initiative that was put in place by Oxfam which encourages shoppers to only make secondhand purchases throughout the month of September. As we are all becoming very aware of the damage that fast fashion causes to our environment, this is a great time to look for some one-off items, some bargains and some wardrobe staples by walking into a charity shop rather than a high street store.

“Every week 13 million items of clothing ends up in UK landfill. And did you know it would take 13 years for one person to drink the water needed to make one cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans?”



With this is in mind, I now challenge you to go and seek out more fast fashion facts and see how much you will be shocked and surprised at. I began my own research a few months ago but I have to admit that it was very overwhelming and I took a break from it all. My next aim is to restart this and to write some more blogs using the information I find out. The more we educate ourselves, the more chance there is of making a big positive change for our planet. If you’d like to make a pledge and show that you are supporting #SecondhandSeptember you can do so over on Oxfam’s website here.

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Cycle September

Cycle September is a fun, global competition used to focus on the benefits of cycling and to get more people out of their cars and enjoying the outdoors. You will need to sign up here to take part but even if you miss out on this, you can still take part by tracking your own miles and setting your own daily targets. In a year where bike sales soared, this is the perfect time to celebrate a more sustainable way to travel.


World Car Free Day

22nd September each year and it is exactly what it says– the aim is to go car free on this day. Ties in quite nicely with the above, doesn’t it?


World Cleanup Day

180 countries, 20 million volunteers, 1 day– this year it is 19th September. All you have to do is join in and clean up. Get out with those litter grabbers, speak to neighbours about tidying up your street, get down to the beach and organise a litter pick. Anything is better than nothing at all and this could be the start of something positive for your area. Find out more here.


Great British September Cleanup

Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, this year’s Great British September Cleanup takes place from 11th-27th September. For more information on how you can get involved check out their website here.


Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week is an award-winning campaign which began in 2008 in order to encourage a time to stop and think about ways in which you can reduce your waste. This year it takes place from 7th-11th September with over 80 countries getting involved. So, how can you get involved?

  • Start a home compost system
  • Look for reusable items that can replace your disposable ones
  • Find a refill store near you
  • Say no to unnecessary purchases
  • Make your own cleaners
  • Mend old clothing
  • Switch to a milkman
  • Adopt the reduce, reuse, recycle method
  • Talk about your swaps on social media using the tag #ZeroWasteWeek


World Environmental Health Day

This event takes place on 26th September and has a different theme each year. Last year the focus was on climate change but this year is obviously very unusual and due to this the focus is going to be on preventing the spread of disease. Hopefully, this will look closely at the way in which animals are used, treated, consumed and let’s just hope that more education is provided. I’m sure many of us would love to see changes and laws put in place in these instances. You can look back over some of the accomplishments from last year’s World Environmental Health Day here.


So, there we have it, a jam-packed September full of sustainability focusses and a time to get really excited about environmental change.

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