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The Importance Of Teaching Your Kids About Internet Safety With Safer Kids Online


As a parent of a primary school-aged child, I have recently started to worry more and more about how much he is accessing the online world and how safe it is for kids today. When I was Jake’s age, computers were not commonly seen in homes, I didn’t use one regularly and the internet hadn’t even been born! Fast-forward to now and almost every home in the UK will have internet access which can be done at a click of a button on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, a computer and even on the TV. We live in a world where being online is valuable for work and education, it is fun, it is sociable and relaxing but there are also many factors that we need to take into consideration in order to stay safe. As adults, we are very aware of the dangers that can lurk behind these screens but children? Well, they don’t have the experience, they cannot fully understand how some people can manipulate you online or try to access your details and they also don’t have the capacity to limit their own screentime. It is down to us to guide them and to teach them how to use it safely and sensibly but how do you do this in a clear, simple, educational but fun way? This is where ESET comes in. With their Safer Kids Online website and free tools, you can help your child/children to understand that being online can be safe if they use it correctly.

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