The Importance of Hydration: How to Keep Your Dog Happy While on the Go

a dog drinking to stay hydrated
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Hydrated dogs are happy dogs, especially since they lose a lot of moisture through their paws and from panting (some just get so excited they can’t help themselves!). Even during the cooler months, it’s important to ensure our pooches have access to clean water at all times, especially when they’re staying active.

So you’ve got their water out at all times—but how do you know if they’re drinking enough? Take a look at our tips on caring for them and their pet accessories, as well as tips to keeping them nicely hydrated while out and about!

Keep their water bowls sparkling

We all know clean water is essential for a healthy, happy dog (and human too). Dogs may have a care-factor of mud-slop, but keeping their water bowls nice and clean helps keep them free from nasties, like bacteria and parasites. 

It’s best to wash your dog’s bowl at least once a day in hot, soapy water—just make sure it’s dry before refilling, otherwise poor Fido will learn the taste of dish soap! On top of this, check the size of your dog’s water bowl is right: most pups drink up to 90mL of water per kilogram of body weight, per day. This means your puppy bowl may not cut it now your rottweiler is all grown up! Larger dogs need around 2L+ of clean water each and every day.

Be prepped during long walks

Whether it’s a walk to the store, on the beach or your pooch joining you on your daily run, it’s important to stay prepared when out and about with your dog. Before stepping out into the wide world with your pup, take quick stock of the current weather and how long you may be out.

Hot weather can cause pavements and roads to turn stove-like, which is not great for their poor little paws, and can dehydrate them quick-smart. So if it’s too hot for your toe to take, it’s too hot for your best friend, too! Wait a few hours if you can, or perhaps leave them at home where they can stay cool. 

On more pleasant days, an easy way to keep your dog hydrated on-the-go is to keep a silicone pet bowl in your bag or car. Being compact, they are easy to get out, fill, empty and put away again. Plus they’re so small, they can easily stay in your bag! 

Rinse or bathe them after a swim in the surf

While dogs love a dip in the ocean as much as we do, consuming excess amounts of salt water means they will be thirsty after their dip. While it’s easy to keep an eye on our dogs during a swim, you also want to be mindful of their hydration post wave-tumbling fun. 

So, to help keep their hydration up, give them a quick brush to help them shake off as much water and salt as possible. Once you’re home (or if taps are available at the beach), give them a quick soak down to remove any remaining salt. It will also help them smell a bit nicer and fresher, too! 

Always have fresh water on hand

It can take as little as ten minutes in a warm car for our dogs to become dehydrated. Noticed your pooch is panting? This is not only a sign of excitement, but it’s also a sign they are wanting for water. Wherever you are, it’s important to always have a fresh bottle on hand. 

Pack some frozen treats

Ever heard of pupsicles? They’re like popsicles, but for your pooch! Homemade frozen dog treats are the perfect way to keep your dog cool, while giving them nourishment and hydrating them all at the same time. 

So now you know some quick tips and tricks to keeping your dog healthy, happy and hydrated wherever you go! However you keep your dog cool and hydrated, your pooch is sure to thank you (with lots and lots of happy kisses).

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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