Three Exciting Ways to Explore Europe


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Europe is wildly diverse. You could be sunbathing on the stunning beaches of Spain or skiing on the snow-capped mountains of France with just a short plane ride between the two destinations. You have incredible landmarks, all kinds of weather and terrain and lots of different languages and cultures that call the continent home. Whether you’re planning on backpacking across Europe or are planning a luxury trip to one or more of the countries, you will, of course, want to make sure you’re getting the very best out of your time. Here are three ways to explore Europe that you might not have thought of.

River Cruise

We’ve all heard of ocean cruises, but did you know you can cruise on a river too? Many cities were built around the rivers that existed there, which means you can get right to the heart of cities and the action they bring by travelling this way. You can see some amazing sights and enjoy a relaxed mode of transport. The Danube river runs through ten different countries and so if you want to see a lot of Europe in one trip, why not book something like this? Few rivers can match the huge variety that the Danube can- you can go the whole length of the river or travel a shorter distance with more time in each place.


Canal Tour

Europe contains a massive network of canals, meaning it’s the perfect way to explore many of the countries and cities. Historically, canals were mainly used for transporting materials and goods to and from factories, but these days they’re free for exploring at your leisure. Amsterdam is well known for its canals and boasts over a hundred kilometres of them. But there are canals in just about every European city that you can depart from. Take Brussels for example, The Brussels canal divides the municipality of Brussels-City from Molenbeek forming a border between the two. You don’t need to take a river cruise and stay on a boat if you don’t want to- there are lots of great hotels nearby if you’d rather stay on solid ground! You could stay at the Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place, and then book canal tours or hire a narrowboat for a day to enjoy the water. It’s a fantastic way to get around, and certainly beats sitting on a bus or in a taxi!


Rail Holiday

If you think of trains and picture your boring morning commute, it’s time to think again! Rail can be a fantastic way to travel the world, with beautiful trains designed for tourists and travelling through incredible picturesque parts of Europe. You could book a trip that’s exclusively a rail holiday, where you would sleep on the train and travel from one place to the next, or you could make this part of a trip that you’re already booking. Either way, you get some wonderful views and it’s a quick and easy way to get from one place to another.


I hope you enjoy all that this part of the world offers and finding more ways in which to explore Europe.

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