Tips for New Drivers

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If you’ve just recently passed your driving test, then there are a few things you’ll want to bear in mind as you head out onto public roads for the first time. These will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law and that you get the best possible experience in the driver’s seat.

Obey traffic laws

While it might sound obvious, it’s a good idea to obey all the road traffic laws. This is something that even experienced drivers often struggle with. You should know what all of the road signs and markings mean. If you come across a situation that confuses you, then you should research it after the fact so that you know what to do next time. Just about every town in the UK has some junction or other where the right of way is a little bit unclear, so don’t be stumped.

Research your car

You should be driving a car that’s right for your situation as a new driver. Do your research and test drive thoroughly before you make the investment. Follow the budget you’ve set out, and don’t be impulsive when you get to the dealership.

For most new drivers, the second-hand market represents the best value for money – especially where insurance is concerned. You needn’t compromise on quality when you go used, either. You can pick up used Audis in London without spending a huge amount.

Driving distracted

If you’re the first in your group of friends to learn to drive, then you might find yourself frequently ferrying other people around. Make sure that you don’t allow yourself to be distracted when you’re behind the wheel. If you find that your passengers are distracting you, then tell them to stop it or get out.

This is something that you need to worry about when you’re driving in built-up urban areas with many different turnings coming in quick succession, but not so much when you’re on a motorway.

Motorway driving

You can pass your test without ever having driven on a motorway. It’s therefore worth treating yourself to a little bit of practice time on a high-speed route before you go on your first long trip.

Keep your car maintained

You’ll need to make sure all your fluids are topped up, and that your tyres are properly inflated. If they’re not, then you’ll end up spending more on fuel – and your driving performance will be compromised.

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