Top 7 Laundry Tips for New Moms

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If you are not on your fourth load of laundry before lunchtime, either you are not doing something right, or you are not a parent.

Having a basket of clean laundry is a different kind of high for new moms. After having a baby, your washing machine and dryer will get the workout of their lives. If you are a work-at-home mom, folding clothes will likely be something you are all too familiar with.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that, deep down, there is no possible way to make doing mountains of laundry enjoyable – but we can make it bearable.

If you are a new mom and feeling a little out of your depth in the laundry, below are seven tips to help you tackle this all-important task:

1. Bed Linen

In the first few weeks of their life, your baby will sleep for around 18 hours a day.

Their cribs should be clean, safe, and comfortable.

If you are wondering how often to change their linen, apart from the obvious times when a bit of backfiring has occurred – the golden rule is once a week.

Even if there are no visible stains or messes, dust, dirt, and bacteria can build up and irritate your baby’s skin – or even make them ill.

2. Towels

For adults, many experts recommend washing all towels after two- or three-day use.

That may sound unnecessary but the damp and absorbent properties of towels make them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your baby does not have a fully developed immune system, so to be safe, you should wash all baby towels after each use, including feeding.

Your baby will not need daily bathing, so getting into the habit of bathing your baby and washing their towel directly afterward will suffice.

3. Manageable Schedule

New moms worry about so many things, but laundry should not have to be one of them!

Routines and schedules are your friends when attempting to manage your laundry situation.

 Divide the week up into daily schedules of what works for your family.

For example, you could wash your spouse’s clothes on a Sunday, your baby’s clothes on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then wash your clothing on a Tuesday or Thursday.

By doing two loads of laundry each day, you could easily stay on top of your family’s clean clothing needs.

4. Dryer Balls

The benefits of wool dryer balls are impressive.

They reduce drying time, are safe for your baby’s skin, free of harmful toxins, and are conveniently reusable.

Apart from being much healthier for your family and the environment, they are an effective method of reducing static electricity in your dryer.

Most dryer balls last for up to 1,000 washes, making them an inexpensive addition to your laundry routine that goes a long way.

5. Color Sorting

If you do not wash each person’s laundry separately, you should get into the habit of separating colors.

If you want to be impressively smart with this, buy clothing, blankets, and sheets in a similar color. That will eliminate the need to sort items to prevent the colors from leaking into each other.

If you want color in your life, give your laundry room a makeover.  Having a functional and pretty place to work can make all the difference.

6. Folding Techniques

This is perhaps the best tip yet – start folding laundry while watching TV.

While we can all agree that the clothes must get folded before they get put away, there is no rule for where the folding needs to take place.

To make your job easier, get into the habit of folding the clothes as soon as they are dry. That will significantly reduce the time needed to iron!

7. Stain Removal Tips

Something all new moms learn quickly is that newborns are messy – from both ends.

The resulting messes can lead to stains right before your eyes. To prevent these, soak the garment in cold water for 15 minutes, pre-treat the area with a gentle stain remover before you wash it – and dry it outside in the sun, if possible.

If you prefer a natural stain remover, then soak the stain in undiluted white vinegar for 30 minutes. You can also use lemon juice – a disinfectant and powerful stain remover.

To End

We all have good and bad days, but if you stay on top of your laundry needs, your good days will surely outweigh the bad ones!

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