Travelling Without the Kids: Why You Should Consider Leaving the Kids Behind

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When you’re younger – before you have kids – you’re able to travel with fewer considerations; you can go wherever you want whenever you want. However, after kids, you have to think about them in terms of travelling, how long they can sit on a plane for, what is there for them to do, et cetera. It does not make you a bad parent to want to take a trip without the kids every so often; actually, it can be good for everyone. Let’s dive in.

Kids & Adults Want to do Different Things

Children tend to need a lot more stimulation than adults; this means that they often want holidays which centre around activities, but a lot of adults just want to chill. Kids and adults have different interests, and they enjoy different pastimes, and that is totally fine. Of course, you enjoy doing things with your kids, but it is okay to want to do things away from them too. So, why not go on holiday without them? You can send your children to do activities without you too, like overnight camps from PGL, so they get a holiday without you too.

Mental Refreshment

When you leave your kids behind, there are bound to be some feelings of guilt; you might even feel selfish initially, but you deserve to take some time for yourself too. By going away without the kids, you have the time to refill your mental and emotional reserves. In essence, it is an act of self-care. Taking some time for yourself every so often is not selfish; it actually makes you a better parent.

Couple Time

Having children can put a strain on even the strongest relationship because priorities shift, and you don’t have enough time together anymore. Going away with your partner without the kids gives you that opportunity to reconnect and maybe even rekindle the connection. You get to let go of a few of the stresses that could be placing that strain on your relationship.

Setting an Example

Children need to know that their parents are people too. You have your own life; you aren’t just a parent. You are a model for future behaviours that your children are going to exhibit. You want your children to feel confident and comfortable in asserting their needs. By travelling without them and going on holiday as a couple or even by yourself, you are setting an example of self-care and showing them they need to prioritise their needs occasionally too. In addition to this, being without their parents occasionally can also help to improve your child’s self-confidence because they don’t have as much of a safety net in place when you aren’t there.

To Conclude

Going on holiday without your kids absolutely does not make you a bad parent or a bad person. So, if you want to go on a holiday with your partner without the kids, you shouldn’t feel guilty or selfish. Actually, it can be really great for the family. It gives you some time to reconnect with your partner and revitalise yourself mentally, as well as being good for the kids too.

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