What To Look For In A Sustainable Flooring Option

sustainable flooring
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When it comes to looking for a suitable flooring option, for many people, it goes far beyond the color scheme and how much it will cost. In 2023, there has been a rise in the number of people opting to choose more sustainable options throughout their home décor, and, to be frank, the flooring is no exception. So, if you are looking to have sustainable flooring fitted, what do you need to look for? Here are some quick ideas to help you identify sustainable and non-sustainable flooring. Enjoy!

Renewable and Recyclable

When choosing sustainable flooring options, you need to choose flooring materials that are renewable. For wood, this may be bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood, as all of these can be harvested safely without having a negative impact on the ecosystems that surround them. For stone flooring, see if any of the options that you like have recycled materials included, and assess if they are fairtrade. This means that when the stone was mined, those who did so received fair pay. You can usually find this information on the stone tiles or flooring website. So, be sure to check!

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

When you are choosing sustainable flooring, you need to make sure that it is manufactured using processes that use minimal energy and water. Again, many stone and wooden flooring providers will have a page dedicated to how the products are manufactured on their website.

You will need to look for certifications like LEED or Cradle to Cradle, as these will help you to assess the flooring’s environmental impact when it was produced. You can also look for flooring products that have low or no volatile organic compounds, as both of these chemicals can impact indoor air pollution.


In modern times, options like fast fashion have fallen out of favor with most consumers. Simply put, fast options for clothing and housing are cheap, but they make a lot of waste. So, when you are choosing a flooring material for your home, you need to make sure that it will last for a few years (at least) so it won’t need to be replaced multiple times. This will reduce the materials that are needed and will keep the environmental impact down. You should also make sure that any flooring you choose can be maintained and kept in good condition to extend its lifespan. In cases of stone and wooden flooring, the maintenance has a drastic impact on the longevity of the flooring, making these ideal options for those who are looking for sustainable flooring. Online stores such as Flooring365 have a wide range of wooden floor choices and have experts on hand to help you make the right decision.


Is the flooring you are interested in biodegradable? Can it be recycled if it becomes damaged? If the answer to these questions is no, then it isn’t sustainable. Always ask the manufacturer of the flooring how the material will be treated if and when it is removed from your home to make sure it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Indeed, some manufacturers of flooring even offer programs called ‘takebacks’ where you are able to have them remove the old flooring, and they will recycle it into new tiles. It’s kind of like when mattress companies remove an old mattress when delivering a new one!

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