What to Say in a Birthday Card for Mum

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Birthdays are special days and mum’s birthdays are extra special. If you are short on ideas about what to write on your mum’s birthday, then Boomf is the place you would want to visit. We make it our duty to deliver special greeting cards of any sort you desire. All you have to do is scroll through their collection of cards and you will find one that satisfies your search.

happy birthday marvellous mum card

Birthdays are probably one of the most anticipated days, at least for people. This is because it is that one day they get some extra attention and be made to feel special or extra special. Mothers happen to be one of the most important people in our lives, thus we tend to go all out to make their day special. We want to gift you a couple of ideas.

What to Write on a Mum Birthday Card

Funny how ideas run out on us when we need them the most. Thus, we tend to seek some kind of motivation or idea generators from other places. When writing a message on a birthday card, make it short, yet touching. Here are a couple of ideas.

1. Pen down a memory:

This is probably the best idea for a mum birthday card. It doesn’t have to be an extremely notable event. It can be something random, funky, mischievous or even special if you like. You can even refer to something abstract, like how she once changed your diapers but wouldn’t try it now.

2. Make a Joke From Their Hobby:

This is another way to give a special feel to a birthday card for mum. What does she love doing? Does she have a favourite book or TV series? Is she a foodie? Who’s her favourite singer?

These and more, when properly used, will make a card as special as “special” can be.

Happy birthday I know how much you love your vacuum cleaner joke card

3. You Can Get Short Message From Every Member of the Family

This one stunt can turn a mum birthday card into an emotional time bomb. There are different ways you can do this. You can pass the card around for them to write on, or they write somewhere and you transfer the notes to the insides.

If you ain’t cut for all these, you can always visit Boomf for the best troupe of mum birthday cards. Here are a couple of them;

happy birthday to my lovely mum card

Cheers To Memory

Boof is not just dedicated to making greeting cards, they also want to be part of the memories you create with the ones you love. Why not visit their site and gets on a quality collection of mum birthday cards and make this birthday a special one.

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