What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Nanny

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Hiring a nanny is a tedious process. You want to be very selective about who you allow into your child’s life. Nannies offer babysitting, tutoring, transportation, support, and more. They are angels in disguise who make it possible for you to have a career and be a parent at the same time. Here are some things you should know about hiring a nanny.


Good nannies don’t have to be difficult to find. Various websites display reviews for potential nanny seekers. These sites are also platforms for nannies to offer their experience and availability. Going through an agency is also an option. Whatever route you choose, make sure you choose a nanny who is the right fit for your family.

After finding potential candidates for the position, conduct some interviews. Going with your gut is an excellent rule of thumb here because you can usually tell if someone is going to have a good vibe with your kids or not. You can also utilize word of mouth. Ask your friends and family if they’ve heard of this person and what their takeaways from them are.

Post a job listing locally for what you’re looking for. See if anyone you know has any previous experience with a nanny and where they found them. Ask them about their experiences and learn about the process. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to interview and find the right match.


Find the going rate for nannies these days and compare it to what you are in the market for. See if you can fit these rates into your budget. Pay rates vary depending on factors such as how many children you have. The average base pay for one child in a household was $19.23 per hour in 2019. Whether you are going to pay them hourly or offer them a salary position is something you must take into consideration as well.

Consider adjusting your requirements if you can’t afford what you’re looking for. You are in the market for a reason. With enough research, you will likely find something feasible to benefit your situation.

How to Pay

How to pay your nanny is not as simple as forking over some cash. You are essentially your nanny’s employer, so you are responsible for their taxes. There are rules and regulations on how you must pay your employees and how it is reported to the IRS.

With a more official way of paying your nanny, you might feel more at ease about the idea of them working for you. Disbursing payments according to legal requirements ensures you are both covered professionally and financially.


Be clear about your expectations from the very beginning. Lay out some ground rules and define the position before starting the interview process. Do you want your nanny to be responsible for educational opportunities like tutoring? Do you require them to have a vehicle and a driver’s license? Will they be living with you full-time?

Clearly state and discuss their responsibilities so you fully understand each other.

Being on the same page is vital in nanny and parent relationships. Make sure there is no confusion about what you expect from your nanny. Spreadsheets or contracts could be helpful in the comprehension of these guidelines.


Once you have all of this, you can start the screening process. Run a background check on your chosen candidate. Be detailed in your vetting. Do a deep dive into their social media and ask around for information pertaining to their experience.

It’s imperative that you start off on the right foot, so ask any questions that you have for them upfront. Be honest about your concerns. Run a background check to make sure the information they provide checks out. A foundation of honesty is essential in building trust. They will be in charge of the most important people in your life, so you have to be able to trust them absolutely. They should understand that.

Double-checking their information should be expected from you, not surprising to them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with triple-checking that they are truthful in their application details. Start off strong. If even a white lie is detected, find someone else who’s more qualified. Your nanny is going to be an influential role model for your child. They should be authentically transparent for this reason, at the very least. You don’t want your child learning from someone who isn’t genuine.


Encourage an open line of communication about your parenting style with your nanny. Be clear with them about how you discipline and how you want them to discipline as well.

There shouldn’t be any questions about how a nanny should handle situations when they arise. Try to address issues before they happen and advise your nanny on how to carry out your wishes. The right nanny for your family will make your workload seem lighter, your days seem shorter, and your life more fulfilled.

Hiring a Nanny the Right Way

Even if you find the process daunting, it’s very possible to find a nanny to hire who’s a great fit for your kids and who matches your family’s rhythms and cultures perfectly. Remember these fundamentals if you find yourself seeking just such a person.

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