What’s On My Mother’s Day List?

Mother's day list

I didn’t want to do a fancy list for Mother’s Day saying buy this, buy that BUT I do want to highlight some of the amazing small businesses I have come across recently and the items that I have just fallen in love with. I think it is so important to shop small and support those who are just starting out in their new venture, especially on days where the large stores dominate the market.

So here is my personal choice of fabulous gifts perfect for any Mum this Mother’s Day.

Wild Mama Sweatshirt by Eco Badger

I’ve had my eye on this sweatshirt for weeks now and have sent the link to my hubby twice already! This is at the top of my wish list. I have already purchased their ‘foxy’ t-shirt and absolutely love it. Eco Badger is a new family run business set-up by my blogging friend Kelly and her soon-to-be husband. They design every item of clothing themselves and work very hard to make it all eco-friendly and donate money back into great causes. You can even send your item of clothing back once it has worn out and they will recycle it for you and reward you with a voucher. I love their ethos.

wild mama sweatshirt


Iron Lattice Lanterns by The House of Cream

I met the owner of The House of Cream at a business event last week and came straight home to see what type of homeware she had on her website. As soon as I saw these lanterns I fell in love with them. We did our patio last year and we have a rustic feel going on with the accessories so this set or even just 1 of the lanterns would fit in nicely with the look I have gone for.

3 lanterns on a table

Peony Picture by Maison Crochet

Vicky is an old friend who I met through a previous job and she has recently left her full-time job to pursue a crafty career in crochet. Her makes are all so beautiful but this peony picture took my heart because I wore a peony in my hair for my wedding. If you love homemade items created by a very artistic lady then please do check out her Etsy page for her full range.

crochet peony in a white frame

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Bracelet from Samspaces

Sam Reynolds is a cancer survivor who now runs her own supportive company for other survivors. Her story is truly inspirational and you can read it here because she guest posted for me. She has designed and sells these absolutely stunning bracelets which symbolise the strength and courage of the person wearing it. I would love to have one to remember my Mum by and the battle she also faced for many years. I love the idea of people coming together and wearing an item that means so much to all of them.

green samspaces bracelet

Body Balm by Beeutiful

I met Carly from Beeutiful last week and am currently testing and will be reviewing a few of her products on my blog very soon. All the products she makes are homemade with the main ingredient being honey, which is created by her own honey bees. I was blown away by the fact that she has learnt how to care for bees and also how to utilise their honey in such a natural way to create this beautiful skincare range. The lip balm I have been using is just lush and I am now eyeing up the other items on her website. This body balm sounds fab and I know it smells amazing because she brought her products along with her to the event we met at. I have a funny feeling that I am going to be trying many more skincare products from her in the future.

3 jars of body balm

Please go and take a look over all of these sites and support small businesses this Mother’s Day.

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18 thoughts on “What’s On My Mother’s Day List?

    1. It is Nature Mum Blog’s company. She has this as a side line now so you will be supporting another blogger too! I love the foxy t-shirt I already have xx

  1. I love that jumper! I’m a sucker for anything like that, but still don’t any of the amazing ones I’ve seen, so I might just have to hint for this (i.e, send a really unsubtle link!) ~RV&HT

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Eco Badger. I am a wild mama and was desperate for fashion that matched my families love for the great outdoors.
    That bracelet is just stunning! Us mamas need to be treated for that one day of the year as we work so hard the rest of the time. Happy Mothers Day to all!

    1. There seems to be lots of interest already! It is a fab range and the designs are all so fun. Oh I ordered my bracelet last night! Present to myself hahaha

  3. Oh what a lovely selection! Love the look of those little lanterns and that bracelet looks divine too. Oh and the body butters – heaven! #ablogginggoodtime

  4. I love all of these! I especially like the jumper and the Beeautiful stuff. Great choices, I hope you get some lovely bits!


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