Why Sustainable LED Lighting is the Future

LED lighting
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Halogen, CFL, and incandescent light bulbs are energy inefficient, release harmful amounts of mercury into the atmosphere, and contribute significantly to greenhouse gases. However thanks to the wonders of sustainable LED lighting solutions, these traditional light bulbs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and LEDs and taking over.

Here, we delve into why sustainable LED lighting is the future.

Reduced carbon footprint 

Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. It is also thought to be responsible for 53% of overall global warming levels. Greenhouse gas emissions from LED lights are far lower than those associated with regular CFL or incandescent lights. In fact, a single LED lightbulb emits around 80-90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The higher energy efficiency of LEDs leads to cheaper electricity bills 

LED light bulbs require a relatively low amount of energy to produce light. On the other hand, conventional forms of lighting widely used in times gone by are wasteful and energy inefficient. They lose a lot of energy by creating a lot of heat while in an effort to create light. This is why conventional light bulbs are often hot to touch, whereas energy-efficient LED bulbs are cool. 

The fact that LEDs have much superior energy efficiency will save you a great deal on your electricity bills, which is more important than ever given the current cost of living crisis in the UK and the recent rise in such bills.

Increased lifespan and need replacing less frequently

Another wonderful thing about LEDs is that they last a lot longer than conventional lighting solutions. You won’t see LED bulbs getting excessively hot and shattering! 

Constantly replacing light bulbs is no good for the planet when you also take into consideration all the packaging that is involved. Fortunately, LEDs are sturdy and need replacing pretty infrequently. This also saves you a fair bit of money in the long term. 

Easy to install and come in stylish designs

Installing LEDs is no more difficult than installing any other form of lighting.

Are you after lighting that will look fun and stylish in your home living space? You’ll be pleased to know that LED lights come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used both inside and outside your home, whether in your lounge, kitchen area, bedrooms, or out in your garden or driveway. 

Interested in getting LED lighting as part and parcel of your home security? Inui is the UK’s leading LED lighting specialist. You may want to take a look at their range of stunning LED flood lights for your driveway at home. 

You should now understand more about why sustainable LED lighting is the future. In actual fact, LED lighting has already taken the world by storm as households and businesses realise just how effective it really is and appreciate its eco-friendly nature. A report in 2020 found that 47% of households in the United States are already using LED lighting indoors, we must replicate this in the UK, it’s better for our planet and saves you money! There’s truly no reason for households and businesses not to switch to sustainable LEDs. 

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