Why We are Changing to Cloth Nappies

why we are changing to cloth nappies

Just recently I have been looking more and more into making the change from disposable nappies to cloth nappies and after looking into all the pros and cons, after speaking to those who have been converted for years and researching what is available on the market, I am about to take the leap and this is why:


Ecologically Friendly

This is the biggie for me. I have always been very conscious of doing what is best for the environment and was a very over passionate little girl once upon a time who wanted to save the world! It’s a shame how life, growing up and items that make our lifestyles easier creep in and change things. I do, of course, recycle, but there are a lot of items that could be looked at and replaced, nappies being a major one in our lives at this very moment. Did you know that around 8 million nappies are thrown away each day in the UK?!! 8 million?! And on average they take approx 600 years to decompose… what are we doing to our planet?! Those dirty, chemical-filled nappies are filling up our landfills and what for? Just to make our lives a little easier for now but what about our future? What effect will it have over time?

If my change to cloth nappies can help just a little bit it will be worth it and if more people thought that way just imagine the impact we could all have.


No Chemicals

Believe it or not, disposable nappies are full of chemicals. We are all so careful about looking after our babies skin yet we put these chemically filled nappies on them from the day they are born. Most nappies are bleached white with chlorine which can leave a Dioxin residue, a carcinogen! They also contain added fragrances to make them smell nice and chemical crystals known as superabsorbent polymers which aid in the absorbency of the urine– Hmmm, you may be leak-free but those chemicals are definitely present…


Save Money

This may come as a surprise because at first glance, cloth nappies look very expensive BUT did you know that you may end up saving yourself £500 a year by swapping?! They are an investment and will last you years and can be used on any further babies you may have. If you aren’t going to have any more, these nappies don’t really lose their value and you can easily sell them on selling sites or in Facebook groups. Think what else you could be spending that money on, family holiday anyone?!


Cute Designs

Have you seen the look of cloth nappies these days? Forget old school terry towelling, the modern-day cloth is the cutest thing ever!! Just look at that cloth bum…

baby in a cloth nappy

No Running Out

Once I have built up a good-sized collection I will never run out of nappies again! No quick dash to the shops, no extras in my trolley and no checking every bag/room for that spare emergency nappy. As long as I keep on top of my washing and stay organised I will always have a clean nappy at hand.


Have you made the change from disposables to cloth? Do you think you could do it?

Oh, and do you have any top tips for me at all? I am a complete newbie and am going to learn as I go.

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