Wildling Shoes Review

Wildling Shoes review

How important is foot health to you? Is it even something you’ve ever thought about much before? Having spent 8 years working in shoe retail it is definitely a topic I would discuss an awful lot – mostly with young girls coming in with already damaged feet because this often is when we do the most damage to our feet, from a young age by choosing the wrong size, width, materials and style. The right shoe can make a world of difference.
So, my next question is have you heard of minimal shoes or more commonly known barefoot shoes? These are shoes which are specifically designed to meet your foot health needs by providing a toe box wide enough for your foot to stay in its natural shape, soft and natural materials to give your foot high flexibility, an innovative gap that allows the arch of your foot to bend and stretch, encouraging strength and a flat sole making each and every step more mindful. Minimal shoes are perfect for all ages and for any foot shape and I have been trying some out just recently from Wildling Shoes.

About Wildling Shoes

Wildling Shoes is a brand that’s not just redefining footwear, but one that also wants to challenge the way we think about the relationship between our feet and the ground we walk on. Their approach to shoe design is a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by typically rigid, uncomfortable options. At the heart of Wildling’s philosophy is the belief that shoes should enable our feet to move naturally, just as nature intended. They’ve crafted shoes that are as close to barefoot as possible, allowing our feet to flex, grip, and adapt to the terrain beneath us. Their commitment to sustainability is just as equally impressive, with a focus on using eco-friendly materials and processes and they are B-corp certified.

Wildling Shoes Review

Wildling Shoes Construction

I was sent a pair of Cahor shoes in natural from their new Spring/Summer range. This style is undyed, made from Hemp and Organic Cotton (upper and interior), Hemp-flax fleece insole and recycled materials on the sole. All of their shoes are vegan and handmade in Europe.

Wildling shoes on me in the woods

The Wear Test

Well, they chose the right person, I love shoes and I love walking! I was straight out to the woods to test these and they were instantly comfortable. They are a lot like a pump, but your foot feels more secure and you can feel that it rolls correctly with each step.

Now I am sure you’re thinking barefoot shoes in the woods?!! And yes you CAN feel so much but your foot is also protected so you get that barefoot sensation without risking getting a thorn in your sole! I was walking over soil then rocks, balancing on fallen trees, jumping over streams and running with the boys and not once did my feet hurt. In fact, we were out for 2 hours and they were still super comfortable. By the end of the walk both my boys were even asking me to buy them a pair too!

Overall Thoughts

I’ve been wearing them for a few months now including on our Cornish holiday (where we walked a lot!). I can still feel that initial difference from putting these on after wearing ordinary shoes and, as someone who is often barefoot around my home and in the garden, I really love that these shoes allow my feet to feel almost that when out and about.

Wildling shoes in Cornwall on a walk
  • Sustainability
  • Good for your feet
  • Comfortable
  • Look good

They tick all the boxes for me.

Have you ever tried barefoot shoes before?

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*I was sent the Wildling Shoes in exchange for social media coverage, I was not obliged to write a blog review but wanted to in order to help any readers who may be looking to make an eco-friendly purchase. For more information on my collaborations please refer to my disclosure page.

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2 thoughts on “Wildling Shoes Review

  1. Hi Emma! I’m thinking of getting the same shoes, but I’m worried about them getting dirty and/or taking on water while walking around the city where I live. Since I see you walked around in the woods in them, could you tell me a little about how they hold up to mud, puddles, etc.?

    1. Hi, I have’t worn them out in rain or when it’s been very muddy due to the colour and the material. They have stained slightly on a walk we took later on in the year from a blackberry and I couldn’t get this off, wasn’t the best thing to get on such a light colour. I have managed to clean off other marks with a little bicarb and water. I’d say they are definitely more a dry summer’s day shoe

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