13 Ways to Make Your Home the Safest in Town

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You deserve a safe home. More than a million homes face burglary in the United States each year, so what can you do to keep your home from becoming a target? Here are 13 tips for making your home one of the safest in town.


1.  Add Security Cameras

Modern security systems have easy-to-use but sophisticated camera systems that can give you a good view of intruders at your home.

Many security apps let you set notifications when your camera captures a person or animal in the camera’s frame, giving you a heads-up that something is going on as it happens. You can often arrange the proximity you want your cameras to cover so you only get alerts when someone reaches a certain point outdoors.


2.  Put Up a Fence

A fence is a deterrent for burglars and wildlife, keeping your home safe and secure. An extra-protective security fence is at least eight feet tall, but even a few feet add an extra barrier to your home’s entry points.

Make your fence a solid privacy fence that burglars can not see through for an extra touch. It is intimidating since an intruder cannot see what is on the other side.


3.  Landscape to Deter Burglars

Strategically-placed trees and shrubs can maintain your privacy and cause a deterrent for burglars.

Potential home intruders want easy targets and these plants make it hard for them to accomplish their goals with your home.


4.  Seal Windows and Doors

Ensuring your doors and windows have the proper seal can go a long way. An insecure fit makes it easy for a burglar to enter your home.

Check and see if you can feel airflow around the edges of each exterior door and window when they are closed. If so, consider adding weather stripping to improve the seal or replacing them with better-fitting options.


5.  Install a Motion Sensor Light

If you cannot afford a complete security system, consider installing motion sensor lights on your exterior. They often look like cameras, even if they do not record anything.

When an intruder approaches your home, the light will illuminate them to where they would be on camera –if you had one. It can scare them off since they do not know if you are recording them.


6.  Change Your Locks

Changing your locks regularly can help your home stay safe. Whether you have a keyhole that is getting worn down or a code that you have had for a while, it might be time for a change.

Locksmiths recommend changing your locks every seven years if the lock breaks or when you move into a new place.

7.  Put Away Expensive Items

To avoid a burglary, you want to make your interior less appealing. Do this by keeping your most expensive items out of sight.

You should not be able to see jewelry, cash and other valuables when you look in your exterior windows. Storing them in plain containers can help keep them hidden. You can even install cabinets to place your television or desktop computer inside at night.


8.  Keep Your Television On at Night

While sleeping with your bedroom television on is terrible for your health, sleeping with a living room TV is suitable for your safety.

Leave it on overnight and turn the brightness down to give the illusion that someone in the home is awake and active. You do not have to make it loud. Have the volume up enough to hear voices from outside your house but different from what they say. If you have a smart television, some YouTubers create videos of conversations to help keep you safe.


9.  Get a Sprinkler System

Sprinklers are a fun way to get intruders off your lawn at night and your grass will thank you. A slippery lawn makes a burglar’s job much easier, but it didn’t rain that day— your sprinklers can hydrate your grass at night to keep it healthy and hazardous to intruders.

To target potential intruders, rig a motion sensor to spray anyone entering your yard overnight.


10. Place Fake Wildlife Around

Wild animals are an excellent deterrent for any burglar who knows little about them. By securing replicas of local predators, you can place one or two in your yard or front of your entryways.

If you decide to add hyper-realistic animals to your home’s security, ensure you let your neighbors know. You do not want to cause worry. Keep the fake snakes, scorpions or bears close enough that an intruder will see them but far enough away that they likely won’t know they are fake.


11. Add Signs Around Your Property

Research shows that having security signs around your property can deter burglars, even if you do not follow through with the message. Phrases like “smile, you’re on camera” and “beware of dog” can make your home less worthwhile.

Many fun and scary options exist to keep intruders away from your home. If you live in a development, you should check with your homeowner’s association to understand what is and is not allowed.


12. Utilize Safe Escape Routes

A safe home is not just about securing the exterior and scaring intruders away. It is also about navigating and exiting your home in an emergency.

Know your home’s exits and how to escape each one safely. If one is too high up to avoid injury, you can place a rope or protective suit next to the door or window to help you and your family stay safe in a fire or home invasion. Planning out each route can give you a sense of peace that you can always get out.


13. Add a Cellar

Extreme weather is, unfortunately, becoming more common as the planet faces the effects of human-caused climate change. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or dust storms, consider adding a cellar to your property. These structures can be better than a basement in a pinch since they are often completely underground with no windows.

Store emergency equipment in your cellar to save time when the worst occurs. Then, retreat to safety when you need to.


Making Your Home Safer

Whether you need to protect your home from possible intruders or severe weather, these tips can make your home safer than ever.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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