4 Home Security Tips For The New Family

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One of the most important parts of a home is the ability to keep you and your family safe. Interior comfort, recreation and many other priorities come after this one in terms of significance. If your family is not safe, your family is not happy. If they are, happiness can build. People often purchase a home or begin a mortgage and thing that simply because four walls are around them that they are safe. This might be true to a degree, but there are always measures you can take to ensure the home is more secure and protective of the people you love inside.

Luckily, we have compiled four security tips to help you with this. We hope they do everything to help those you care about safeguarding.


A Loud Dog

It’s usually a very good idea to purchase a loud dog. Not only will this become an excellent member of the family, but its bark can deter would-be intruders. The kicker? You don’t even need to purchase a large dog with aggressive tendencies. Your pet simply needs to be loud enough to be heard, and willing to bark at anything or any stranger approaching the front or backdoors. Dogs have an uncanny sense for detecting strange movement of this sort, so it can be worthwhile to do so.


A Great Fence

Keeping a great fence can help your garden stay secure. It must be high enough to deter people from climbing over it, and you can do this with anti-climb paint or with a form of spiked decoration at the top. This can prevent intruders from even making the effort to trespass on your property, as the effort of getting in and getting out over this adds even more time to their burglary. It’s important to use quality fencing supplies to ensure that the would-be trespasser cannot enter through another means, and it’s essential to keep your front gate locked too otherwise the entire reason for your fence becomes pointless.


Double Glazing

Windows are protective, but they can be smashed. Smart burglars can even cut through the window and remove the glass pane. This is why double glazing is not only essential from a heating insulation standpoint, but also from a security one. It takes twice the time, noise and energy for someone to cut through this form of glass, and in most cases should deter it completely. Just be sure you lock your windows at night or when outside the property.



Lighting can prevent anybody from trespassing over your home borders. A simple floodlight in your side alleyway, garden and driveway can illuminate when someone walks onto your property, thereby making them visible to the entire street. Better yet is that cats and other pets prowling at night will trigger this, which makes your home lighting flick on as a warning to anyone who even entertained the idea of stepping on your property. You can be sure that this simple trick will prevent 95% of those with negative intentions from summing up the courage to try it.


With these 4 tips, your home security is sure to be bolstered.


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