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5 Ways To Instantly Add Value To Your Home


It’s not always easy to see, but your home often serves a range of different purposes. First and foremost, it is your home. So it’s going to be important that you create a space that makes you feel safe, comforted, and that can facilitate your lifestyle. But, that’s not all. Because your home can often be your workplace, your respite, and even a form of investment. Even when you see your house as a home above all else, it still has the power to make you money. So if you’re interested in ensuring that you maximize the money that you do have in your home, here’s how to do it. Continue reading “5 Ways To Instantly Add Value To Your Home”

comfortable home

What’s In Your Comfortable Family Home?

Home is where the heart belongs, as the saying goes. But naturally, there’s more to it than just a feeling. Home is the place where you can sit down and relax, where you can enjoy your bubble of comfort far away from the fast-paced world, and where you are safe. Your home is an ambivalent place with multiple functions. It provides headspace and thinking space to those who need to let go of their worries. It offers a sense of luxury that you can’t find anywhere else. And finally, it gives protection against external threats for your family – whether those relate to the weather or something else. Therefore your family home needs to reflect its different roles in its arrangement, furniture, and household items. Because your home is much more than a house, you have to ensure that it is equipped to fulfil its necessary functions. Continue reading “What’s In Your Comfortable Family Home?”

making a house a family home

Turning Any House Into A Family Home

There are few things more exciting in this life than finding out that you’re going to be a parent. The sheer excitement and euphoria of it is something that nothing else really compares to. Of course, there’s also a fair amount of fear and worry that comes with the news that your family is about to get a little bit bigger. One of the most common worries that a lot of people have is how they’re going to be able to make their home work with the new arrival. After all, the kind of home that’s perfect for a couple isn’t necessarily going to cut it when there’s a little one running around. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider when trying to turn any house into a family home. Continue reading “Turning Any House Into A Family Home”

preparing our new guest room with oak furniture

Preparing Our New Guest Room

One of the reasons we bought a 4-bed house six years ago was because we knew we wouldn’t have to move for years to come- if at all- and we could grow into each room as our family grew. We have been very lucky to be able to use one room as an office and one as the laundry room but with the impending arrival of our second child, we are going to have to make some big changes to both of these remaining rooms. We have already decided that the smaller room will be the nursery leaving us to alter the office room Continue reading “Preparing Our New Guest Room”

the best cleaning hacks and tips for busy parents

The Best Cleaning Hacks and Tips For Busy Parents

It’s hard to keep on top of the housework when you are a parent and even harder when you have more than one to clean up after, to make meals for, to entertain not to mention all those extra toys. Cleaning is one of those jobs that we all have to do but it can feel as though it takes up so much of our time… time which should be spent with our little ones. With this in mind, I have asked fellow parents for their top tips so we can share some of the wisdom and lighten our loads. Continue reading “The Best Cleaning Hacks and Tips For Busy Parents”

home interiors inspiration

Home Interiors Inspiration

We have been in our current home for six years and even though we purchased it as our forever home, recently we have been wondering whether to move. Not because we don’t like the house but because we would like to live more in the countryside. However, due to high house prices, we have, for now, put these ideas on hold which will save us a lot of money and hassle but also means that I get given the go ahead to make a few changes to our current decor… thanks, hubby! 

I am slightly DIY and home interiors obsessed and Continue reading “Home Interiors Inspiration”

image of coffee and plant on table with take some time written across

The Curse Of Trying To Do It All

I’m not quite sure how I’ve got to this point, in actual fact, I have been preaching since I started blogging that you time is important and about how you shouldn’t forget who you are yet here I am, sat almost a year on worn out from simply trying to do it all and being on top of everything. 

I think the issue may have kicked in once Continue reading “The Curse Of Trying To Do It All”