6 Simple Steps For Improving Your Home On A Budget

a living room with a light and airy feel, white walls and prints
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How many times in the last year have you looked at your home and put off doing it up due to lack of funds? How many times have you looked at a home interiors image and considered it to be out of your price range? We’ve all done it and it is easy to see why but I like to think that I can now change things around and achieve exactly what I want and on my own budget plan with a little bit of careful planning and clever shopping. Here are some of my simple steps for improving your home on a budget…

Freshen Up With A Lick of Paint

One area that can make a home feel drab, dull and uninspiring are the walls. How many fingerprints can you see around the light switch? How many marks from kids toys, the dog’s wagging tail, coats being rubbed against the paintwork are there? It all takes its toll and it can really affect how your home feels as well as how it looks. Another paint or wallpaper problem you may have is the wrong choice for the room. Dark colours or bold prints can look amazing in a magazine but we all know that this doesn’t always translate to the space we have at home. If you want to freshen your home up simply and affordably I would most definitely start with a lick of paint and if you want a light and airy feel be brave and go for a shade of white. I promise you it will pay off!

Upcycle Furniture

If your current furniture is in good working order, if you like the style but not the look but you don’t want to fork out for anything new, why not get a little creative? Upcycling is so simple. All you need is a tin of chalk paint, a brush or roller and some wax to protect your finished project. You can take an out of date pine item and transform it into a stunning piece that will draw attention each time you walk into the room. Or give that old wood TV stand an upgrade to make it look like a new entertainment unit. You can bring it back to life by sanding it down and giving it a dark stain to contrast those pristine walls.

the finished corner unit after upcycling

Picture Perfect

Picture frames, canvas prints, photos and artwork can all add interest, colour and personalisation to a home. Now that you have your freshly painted walls you will want to dress these in a way that will accentuate them but, again, don’t think that this means you need to buy new. Take some time to go through everything that you already own. Dig out those older images, take a look at the frames and make some informed decisions. Can they be used as they are? Can they be upcycled with a lick of paint? Can the picture be replaced if the frame is nice? Using what you have will not only save you money but it is also a more sustainable way of living. If you do feel that you need to shop around, why not look to secondhand shops or sites? You may find some real gems and unique items.

Flooring & Carpets

Tired, outdated and damaged flooring isn’t something that can be overlooked when you are looking to improve your home. When you begin to update other areas, this will just start to look even more worn out next to it all so you will need to look at what options are available to you and within your budget. The main thing to remember when it comes to a job like replacing flooring or carpets is that this is an investment. If done well and if good quality materials are used your new floor should last you for years and years to come. Top options for me would include a real wood floor or a 100% wool carpet. Of course, it doesn’t have to just be one of these, you could use a beautiful selection throughout your home that will suit each room. For example, your kitchen would benefit from an easy to clean hardwood flooring whereas your bedrooms and living space would need a well-made, hardwearing carpet. Take your time to research what will benefit your home both aesthetically and practically.

a light living room with cream carpet, log fire and sofa
Image courtesy of Designer Carpets

Light It Up

Just like with a fresh coat of paint, changing your lighting can completely change the overall look and feel of your home. If you have an older house, your lights may be years old, not at all energy efficient or providing you with adequate light. If you have a new build, you may be looking up at light fittings that just aren’t to your taste but these can all be very easily changed. For a quick change, I would recommend replacing old, tired lampshades for starters and then replacing your old-style bulbs for LED bulbs. These will save you money on your energy bills whilst providing a better light. If you want to completely overhaul what you have, there are so many amazing options for fittings on the market that you are literally spoilt for choice. For a good distribution of light opt for pendant lamps, chandeliers or spotlights. For a cosy feel in the evening, choose corner lamps or consider installing a dimmer switch.


This may well be the simplest step in this article but plants will tie everything together and bring your home to life. Not only do they create a nice focal point, a splash of colour and interest to a room but they will also improve the air quality. This means that your home should feel cleaner and fresher with very little effort each and every day.

Other very simple steps for improving your home on a budget include allowing natural light in, using mirrors to reflect this light and to add some interest, and using soft furnishings to make it feel homely. Do you have any other tips? Let me know in the comments.

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