5 Hacks To Open up Your Outdoor Space and Glam up Your Garden

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When the sun is shining everybody wants to hang out in the garden and enjoy a warm evening outside. You haven’t given your garden much love and attention for several years now, but you know it is time to create a lush outdoor garden space for summer. There are many ways you can approach a project like this, you just need to spend some time exploring your options. Whether you are hoping to make a huge impact with a new rooftop garden or make a small tweak by adding beautiful flowers, you can finally have the garden of your dreams this summer.


  1. Rooftop Garden

Having your very own rooftop garden would be your ultimate garden dream. This type of garden design capitalises on the open sense of adventure to the space. Designers such as Brian Fuller can help you to create a blend of your personal space with an overlooking sight to the busy world below. An effective roof garden takes time and professional skill so seek advice from designers who know their stuff.


  1. Find Fabulous Flowers

Flowers can transform a garden from bland to grand in an instant. Choosing the correct complementary colour palettes and seasonal blooms can take some time. Use your instincts and go with the flowers that truly speak to you. If you’re looking for low maintenance flowers make sure you find the best variety for you.

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  1. Invest In New Furniture

When the sun is shining everyone wants to take a seat or a sun lounger and relax in the baking hot sunshine. Having a garden kitted out with the best furniture is a sun worshippers’ dream. Make sure you invest in sturdy, high-quality furniture that can withstand the family activities as well as the unpredictable weather in the winter. Whatever type of furniture you invest in, make sure you buy a cover to protect it too.


  1. Make It Fun for the Whole Family

Creating a family-friendly garden is a lot easier than you think. Make sure you have an open and safe place for your kids to run around freely. Keep the grown-up seating area close, but separate so they can play without being too noisy for you.


  1. Don’t Blow Your Budget

Always remember the importance of your budget if you blow that then you will have to take on an extra job to pay off all of the bills! Have a clear and reasonable figure in mind and try to stick to your plan throughout the project. Transforming your garden on a tight budget can be done, it just takes that little bit of extra planning.


When embarking on this project you just have to have a clear vision in mind. Seek the advice of a professional designer who will be able to discuss all of the options with you. Focus on amending all of the smaller details so that you are fully satisfied with the end product. Your dream garden space will soon be within touching distance so enjoy the process of making your visualizations come to life.

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