5 Key Features for a Child-Friendly Bathroom

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Are your children approaching the age when they will be able to use the bathroom independently? This is an exciting time for parents, but at first this level of freedom can be a daunting prospect.

Ensure things run as smoothly as possible by taking inspiration from this guide to the key features of a child-friendly bathroom. Small changes can make a big difference in making the process as safe and simple as possible for your kids. It will also go long way to giving you peace of mind as a parent.

Discover five key features for a child-friendly bathroom and how they will help your kids navigate this part of their journey to independence.

Safety First

It goes without saying that safety is the most important thing to bear in mind when creating a child-friendly bathroom.

Store products out of sight

First and foremost, store products out of sight and out of reach. Many common bathroom products such as shower gels, mouthwash, and toilet cleaner contain chemicals that would be harmful if swallowed. Utilise high shelves or cupboards that can be kept locked when not in use.

Use non-slip bathmats

Given how frequently they are coated with water, bathroom floors can be slippery. Put down non-slip mats around the sink, in front of the bath, and in the bath itself to avoid any accidents.

Practical Matters

In addition to safety features, child-friendly bathrooms should have practical elements to help kids navigate the room on their own.

Upgrade the toilet area

Especially at first, your children will need some assistance using the toilet. Kids will benefit from a stool to help them step up to the toilet and a railing or handle attached to the wall so they can pull themselves up afterwards.

You could also investigate soft-close toilet seats that lower more slowly than traditional models, ensuring that the seat does don’t suddenly fall or make an alarming loud bang.

Install hanging hooks

Hooks are useful in almost every child’s room, from storing dressing gowns in the bedroom to hanging toy bags in the play area.

In the bathroom, install hooks for hanging wet towels. This will encourage children to keep them off the floor so that they dry properly before their next use. If towels keep falling down, or your kids are not tall enough to reach the hooks, consider hanging a basket where towels can be stored instead.

Décor Ideas

Incorporate colour

Lastly, incorporate colour for the perfect child-friendly bathroom. Not only will this please the eye, but it will also help to make bath time more fun!

This can be achieved quite simply with a vibrant shower curtain in an engaging design, or you can create a fun theme for the family bathroom. You can also showcase your children’s artwork in the bathroom if you have enough wall space.  

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